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What is nonpsychotic brain syndrome?

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I believe its a syndrome in which there is no apparent psychosis.

2007-06-28 17:48:08
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Cures for wet brain syndrome due to alcoholism?

Wet brain syndrome is a permanent condition.

Where is down syndrome on your body?

Down Syndrome Is In Your Brain.

What leads to korsakoff syndrome?

"Korsakov's Syndrome" is a brain disorder caused by the lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the brain.

What syndrome can cause brain injury paralysis or death?

reye's syndrome

What is different between typical brain wave and Down syndrome brain wave?

A down syndrome brainwave is not as strong, because people with down syndrome are missing there 21st chromosome.

What are other names for shaken baby syndrome?

Shaken baby syndrome is also known as abusive head trauma, shaken brain trauma, pediatric traumatic brain injury , whiplash shaken infant syndrome, and shaken impact syndrome.

Who does down syndrome affect the most?

the brain

What causes tourette syndrome?

tourette syndrome is by the tics in the brain that makes you do rapid moment or vocalization.

What part of the body does Down syndrome affect?

the brain

What part of the brain does tourette's syndrome affect?


What is habsburgers syndrome?

It's spelled "Asperger's" Syndrome, and it's a brain disorder that affects social behavior.

What is the cause of 'Organic brain syndrome'?

When the tissue inflammation of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) [an the autoimmune disorder] affects the nervous system, it causes organic brain syndrome.

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

"shaken baby syndrome" is when a baby is shaken in a violent motion that causes death or serious injury to the brain. Typically a child will have retinal bleeding, brain bleeding and brain swelling (which typically does the most damage).

What part of the brain in responsible for Gerstmann syndrome?

The brain area that seems to be primarily responsible for the deficits seen in Gerstmann syndrome appears to be the parietal lobe, which is located behind the frontal lobe.

Is down syndrome a type of brain cancer?

No. Down Syndrome is determined by genetics while Brain Cancer is determined by exposure. They are two very different diseases and manifest quite differently.

What is Dandy-Walker syndrome?

Dandy-Walker syndrome refers to a group of specific, congenital (present at birth) brain malformations, and is a common cause of hydrocephalus (increased fluid in the brain)

What is central pain syndrome?

Central pain syndrome is a type of pain that occurs because of injuries to the brain or spinal cord.

What area of the brain is believed to be responsible for the symptoms of Korsakoff's syndrome?

area of the brain believed to be responsible for the symptoms of Korsakoff's syndrome is called the diencephalon, specifically the structures called the mamillary bodies and the thalamus

When women drink alcohol during pregnancy they can cause significant brain damage called?

Fetal alcohol syndrome of the brain.

Is open Sella syndrome -flattened pituitary gland- hereditary?

Sella syndrome is a flattened pituitary gland. Is is located in the brain.

What is Moyamoya Syndrome?

It is a disease of the arteries of the brain.... That requires surgery..... It is extremely rare.....

Is walking corpse syndrome infectious?

Only if they bite you. Don't let them get your brain!

What part of the body does Down Syndrome generally effect?

The brain and shape of the head.

Does hyperthymestic syndrome have any connection with the brain?

A person affected by this syndrome has an extraordinary memory of events from the past, and can easily relate the most-minute details.

When will Jacob be done with nephrotic syndrome?

nephritic syndrome is when your brain lowers it activty our as doctors call it stimulae which stimulation of the brain. And Jacob if survives will be really and dangerously ill and therefore even if he gets out of hospital he will barely be able to walk.