What is normal operating temp for a 305 with a 195 degree thermostat?

210 is norm for most chevys, witch is good in the winter, if you live in hot weather go ahead and install the 180 degree thermostat

any vehicle with a 195 degree thermostat should run at 195 degrees. Assuming all components are working properly, there is sufficient coolant capacity, and the vehicle is not being used outside of it's design parameters.


195 may be the thermostat temperature, but in the case of my Z28 Camaro, the cooling fans are set to come on at a higher temp 230 (probably for sake of emissions), and then settle down to 210. In this respect, the fan sensors dictates your operating temp.

I would suggest you contact a GM Dealer about this. Almost all Chevy engines use a 180 degree or a 160-165 degree thermostat. I`m not going to say this is concrete but

I do not suggest getting the engine over 200 degrees. About all this new stuff has aluminum heads and heat is an enemy to them. Call the dealer !!!!!! GOOD LUCK