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210 is norm for most chevys, witch is good in the winter, if you live in hot weather go ahead and install the 180 degree thermostat

any vehicle with a 195 degree thermostat should run at 195 degrees. Assuming all components are working properly, there is sufficient coolant capacity, and the vehicle is not being used outside of it's design parameters.


195 may be the thermostat temperature, but in the case of my Z28 Camaro, the cooling fans are set to come on at a higher temp 230 (probably for sake of emissions), and then settle down to 210. In this respect, the fan sensors dictates your operating temp.

I would suggest you contact a GM Dealer about this. Almost all Chevy engines use a 180 degree or a 160-165 degree thermostat. I`m not going to say this is concrete but

I do not suggest getting the engine over 200 degrees. About all this new stuff has aluminum heads and heat is an enemy to them. Call the dealer !!!!!! GOOD LUCK

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Q: What is normal operating temp for a 305 with a 195 degree thermostat?
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What is normal operating temp for a 95 Cadillac?

should be 180 degree thermostat.

What is the normal operating water temp on a 91 3.1L?

That all depends on the thermostat that is installed. From the factory it came with a 195 degree thermostat. However there are 180 and 160 degree ones available. Under normal conditions the operating temp should stay around the temp of the thermostat installed. Some fluctuation is normal, especially in stop an go traffic when there is no air flowing through the radiator.

What is the normal operating coolant temp for a 2008 G 5 coupe?

Most all vehicles these days use a 195 degree thermostat.

Why is your 1991 Crown Vic not reaching normal operating temp?

Try changing the thermostat.

What is the normal operating temperature of a 2007 Chevy Silverado transmission?

It depends on what temp. thermostat is in it.

What is normal gauge reading for thermostat in1994 grang cherokee jeep?

should be 195 to 210 normal operating temp

What is the operating temp for 2.5 4-cylinder 1990 jeep wrangler?

The normal operating temperature is always dependent on the thermostat in other words a 195 degree thermostat will give you near 195 degrees temperature anything different will be a problem with either the cooling system or the temperature gauge

If a thermostat in a vehicle engine is stuck open?

the engine will take longer to get to normal operating temp. and the water temp could fluctuate while driving

What is the purpose for the thermostat in your car?

To control the flow of coolant in the engine, so the temp will reach normal operating range

What is proper coolant temperature for 1996 eldorado?

I assume where it has a 195 degree thermostat that operating temp should be in that range 190-220

What is the normal water temp for a 71 El Camino 350?

Normal temp for a 71 El Camino 350 is in the 185 to 195 degree range. The thermostat can be changed to a different temp to make the engine run a little hotter or cooler.

What temp thermostat Chevy 350?

180 degree.

What is the operating temperature of a Cavalier Z24?

what is normal operating temp.

What temp is the thermostat on a Chevy Blazer?

Factory said to use a 195 degree thermostat

What is the normal coolant temp for a 1999 cadillac deville?

It has a 195 degree Fahrenheit thermostat so runs around 195 to 215.

What is the coolant operating temp limit for a 1998 c5 corvette?

The 1998 Chevy Corvette cooling operating temperature limit is 210 degrees. The 1998 Chevrolet Corvette has an 195 degree thermostat.

What is operating temp of 1998 Chevy pickup?

Whatever temp range the thermostat is, probably 195 degrees.

Normal operating temp 87' 350 engine?

That should be controlled by the thermostat. If you have a 180 Degree thermostat the engine should operate right near 180 degrees. If it's a 195... you get the idea. If the engine is running too warm, check the coolant level, thermostat, radiator and water pump... pretty much in that order.

What is the minimum optimum operating temp on a 1996 Chevy s10?

It is designed to run best with a 195 degree F thermostat. If it doesn't reach operating temperature it may trip the check engine light.

What is the thermostat temp on 1997 blazer?

Should be a 195 degree.

1984 Chevy thermostat temp for summer?

180 degree.

Can a colder than normal thermostat temp have an adverse affect on a car?

Yes. It can trip a code and illuminate the check engine light. Today's engines are designed to run with a 195 degree thermostat.

What is normal operating temp for 1997 trans am?

About 200 degrees is normal

What is the normal operating temperature for a 95 model jeep Cherokee?

temp should be 190 for a 4.0 ....AlsoIt depends on the thermostat that you have installed. If it's a 180 degree thermostat, the engine should run at right around 180 degrees. Recognize that stock engine temp gauges are notoriously inaccurate so don't blame the thermostat if everything else seems ok but the gauge says the temp is off.

What thermostat temp do you buy?

180 degree is stock but you could also go with 160 degree

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What is the normal operating water temp on a 91 3.1L?

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