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What is normal value of Uric Acid in Blood in India?

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The same as most other populations

Uric acid Premature <5.5 mg/dl <327 umol/L

1-4 weeks <5.2 mg/dl <311 umol/L

1-12 months <6.2 mg/dl <372 umol/L

children <6.1 mg/dl <362 umol/L

adults (F) <5.7 mg/dl <340 umol/L

(M) <7.0 mg/dl <420 umol/L

uric acid in fasting condition is 8.0 mg

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Uric acid normal value?


Which ABG's value reflects the acid concentration in blood?


What is difference between normal and molar solution of acetic acid?

For acetic acid the molar and normal concentrations are identical.The value is 60,05 g/L.

What is uric acid normal value in Female?

It is 3.5-8.5 mg/100ml

How much the uric acid in blood is suitable for the person whose age is 46?

How much Uric acid in the blood is normal all depends on the iduvidual. it is different for different people,

How does lactic acid effect the pH of blood?

it lowers the PH of your blood plasma and slowly, but still faster then normal, kills off your blood cells

What is normal uric acid level in a body?

Normal Levels of Uric Acid Speaking about the normal uric acid levels, it should fall between 3.0 - 7.0 mg/dL (milligram per deciliter). This normal range of uric acid may fluctuate slightly from one laboratory to another. Low uric acid levels is rare in comparison to high levels of uric acid in the blood.

Is blood is an acid or base?

Slightly on the base side of neutral. The normal blood pH is tightly regulated between 7.35 and 7.45.

The normal ratio of base bicarbonate to carbonic acid is?

In blood it is (&gt;)10 to 1 at pH 7.35

Can you test uric acid levels before you get gout?

You can trust your blood for uric acid any time you like, the problem however is that while there is a normal uric acid concentration in the blood a high concentration does not necessarily mean that you will get Gout. It varies from person to person.

What is the highest pH ever recorded from acid rain and where?

The highest ever recording was 4.9 i think in EuropeAnswer:Normal rain has a pH of 5.5 to 4.5. Acid rain has pH of anything less than 4.5 and reaches its strongest (lowest pH) value at about a pH of 2.The highest pH for acid rain (the weakest acid rain) would be at the lower value of normal rain water.

Which two substances are necessary for normal red blood cell maturation?

Folic acid and vit b 12

When blood become too acid or too basic what helps restore it to normal pH?

Respiratory System and the Kidneys

Is blood more acidic when carrying carbon dioxide?

The presence of carbon dioxide in the blood stream causes the formation of carbonic acid. This means that the blood is more acidic than normal.

Is 50 Normal sulfuric acid the same as 50 percent sulfuric acid?

No. 50% Sulfuric acid is 18.4 Normal. 50N (Normal) sulfuric acid is, umm, 136% (not possible).

What are the uses of acid value determination?

pH value of acid

Does a weak acid or a strong acid have a larger ka value?

a weak acid has a larger ka value, while a strong acid has a small ka value

What is the difference between acid value and free fatty acid value in oil?

Acid value = 1.989 x Free fatty acids (as oleic acid)

Is blood slightly acidic?

The normal pH of blood is 7.35-7.45. A pH of less than seven is an acid, and more than seven is an alkaline, or base. Blood is therefore slightly alkaline.

Why do babies with tetrology of fallot have blood with more lactic acid than a normal baby?

Babies with tetrology of fallot have poor oxygen-saturated blood due to pulmonary stenosis and right ventricular outflow tract obstruction. In blood with normal oxygen levels carbohydrates break down into water and carbon dioxide but in blood with low oxygen levels carbohydrates break down for energy and make lactic acid.

What is measured in a blood sample to determine acid base status?

You need to get arterial blood gas to determine of pH of blood. normal is 7.35 to 7.45. Below 7.35 is acidosis and above 7.45 is alkalosis.

What acid is present in normal rain?

Carbonic acid.

Why does acid precipitation weather rock faster than normal precipitation?

Acid precipitation weather rocks faster than normal precipitation because acid precipitation has a higher concentration of acid than normal precipitation.

Does carbon dioxide form an acid when it dissolves in water lowering the pH of bodily fluids?

CO2 + H2O --&gt; H2CO3 Forms carbonic acid, a weak acid, that is buffered in the blood so that pH stays within normal levels.

What organ filters blood and uric acid?

The kidneys filter blood and uric acid