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What is north America's famous foods?


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North America has a variety of foods that it is Famous for. Many Cities in Canada the United States of America and Mexico have cultivated food that it is famous or known to have the best of. Below is a list, feel free to add to it:

  • New York - Cheese Cake, Striploin Steak, Pizza, Hotdogs, Hoagie, Manhatten Chowder
  • Philidelphia - Cheese Steak
  • Chicago - Deep Dish Pizza
  • Buffalo - Wings
  • Montreal - Poutine, Steamed Hotdogs, Smoked Meat, Montreal Style Pizza, Michigans, Sous-Marin, Rotisserie Chicken and Fries, Bagels
  • Toronto - Street Meat
  • Detroit - Sliders and Detroit Style Pizza
  • Boston - Cream Pie, Clam Chowder
  • Halifax - Donairs
  • New Jersey - Salt Water Taffy
  • Canada (Country) - Back Bacon, Canadian Cheddar, Maple Syrup, Alberta AAA Beef, Beaver Tails
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