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I am assuming you mean North Bridge\ South bridge

North Bridge is the Memory Controller, that transfers data and instructions between the CPU ,RAM and PCIe Devices.

South Bridge is the Storage Controller that controls how data is transferred onto Storage Devices(Hard drives)

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Q: What is north gate and south gate on a motherboard?
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What controls the communication and interaction between the components on a motherboard?

north and south bridge of a motherboard

What is a bridge in the motherboard?

Their are two bridge found in motherboard the north bridge and the south bridge. North bridge found near the CPU and south bridge found near the BIOS.

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What are the functions of north bridge and south bridge in a motherboard?

The north bridge controls pci, pci express, agp, and other cards, and south bridge controls the drives and onboard devices.

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Where in the motherboard can you find northbridge?

Just below where the CPU is located under a heat sink. Although most modern motherboard don't have north bridges and south bridges and instead are combined into a single chipset.

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