What is north gate and south gate on a motherboard?

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I am assuming you mean North Bridge\ South bridge
North Bridge is the Memory Controller, that transfers data and instructions between the CPU ,RAM and PCIe Devices.

South Bridge is the Storage Controller that controls how data is transferred onto Storage Devices(Hard drives)
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What is AND Gate?

An AND gate is a digital logic gate. Only if both of the inputs to the gate are "1", then the ouput ofthe gate will be "1" . If both of the inputs to the gate are "0" or if only one input tothe gate is "1", then the output of the gate will be "0".

Why there is need of north South Bridge in motherboard?

On new Computers Arquitechture the Northbridge is not an important element in the motherboard and It's job was replaced by giving more functions to the CPU and creating new kinds of BUS (on AMD chipsets by the HyperTransport Bus and on Intel chipsets by the QuickPath Bus). The Southbridge work as in ( Full Answer )

Differentiate between OR gate AND gate?

In AND gate , if through both the terminals minimum values were send then the output will be 0 . if either one of the input is maximum , then the output will be 0 , meanwhile if both the input were 1 then the output will be 1 .In OR gate , if both the input are 0 then the output will be 0, but if ei ( Full Answer )

Where is Grand Canyon South gate?

The Grand Canyon National Park has a South gate, located on Hwy.180 /Hwy.64, coming from Flagstaff or Williams, and an East gate on Hwy. 64 through Cameron and Hwy.89

Why logic gate is called gate?

We know that gate means an entry point in which or we can enter or exit i.e there is only two option.. Similarly Logic gate has only two option or in ON or OFF i.e high or low.. so that logic gate called gate.

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What are Logic Gates and types of gates?

Logic Gates are electronic building blocks of a digital system. They are realisations of the fundamental Boolean Algebraic Operations; AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, BUF.

What is a gate?

A gate is a barrier, usually hinged, used to close an opening made for entrance and exit through a wall, fence and so on.

Why is the and gate called the and gate?

Because if input A *and* input B is true, then the output is true! Truth table of AND gate: ┌─┬─╥───────┐ │A│B║Q (Output)│ ├─┼─╫───────┤ â ( Full Answer )

What is a AND gate?

Here is the truth table for a 2 input AND gate. A & B are inputs. Y is the output. A B Y 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 As you can see, the output of an AND gate is only 1 when all of the inputs are 1.

What does an AND gate do?

An AND gate is a digital logic gate. Only if both of the inputs to the gate are "1", then the ouput ofthe gate will be "1" . If both of the inputs to the gate are "0" or if only one input tothe gate is "1", then the output of the gate will be "0".

Why is the NAND gate a universal gate?

A NAND gate can be used to construct other logic gates such as AND, OR, NOR and others. This is why it is called a universal gate.

Why logic gates are called gate?

Because they are based on physical semi-conductor devices, called gates. Also look at it this way. The flow of electrons of your circuit is directed and controlled by the logical operations that the circuit designer wanted them to follow. Then the devices that control the flow of electrons are calle ( Full Answer )

Is south gate in compton?

There are plenty of moms who do this in the community that I am a part of in South-gate who could answer your questions. You should network with them.

Can a NOR gate make a AND gate?

AND gate is A.B If two not gates are added at both inputs of and gate then output becomes A'.B' which is equal to (A+B)' by DeMorgan's law. hence the nor gate is formed Update: Put more simply, invert A and B by attaching A to both inputs of one NOR and attaching B to both inputs of another N ( Full Answer )

How do you get not gate from nor gate?

To get a not gate (or inverter) from nor gate, tie the two input together. If fan-in is a concern, tie one input to logic false and drive the other input.

Why OR gate is an any-all gate?

XOR (Exclusive OR) gate is exclusively for either. OR allows 10, 01, 11. XOR allows 10 or 01, but not 11.

Why is Bill Gates name gates?

His last name is Gates, because Gates is his family's name. His last name Gates comes from his ancestors.

What is north gate and south gate in a motherboard and what do they control?

It is really northbridge and southbridge. They are the chipset. The northbridge is the main system bus, the main peripheral bus controller, and often the memory controller and even integrated graphics or AGP controller in some cases. The southbridge controls peripherals and things closer to the user ( Full Answer )

How exclusive or gate is converted in not gate?

one terminal of the ex-or gate should be connected to a high input(1 or 5V). the other terminal is used as the input terminal,since not gate has only one input.when we give a high to this input, now the inputs of exor gate are 1 & 1.so output is 0.when we give a low to the input , then the inputs of ( Full Answer )

How do you get not gate from nand gate?

A: There is no NOT gate NOT is a term used to signify that the function is negated like OR becomes NOT if the output is negated by an inversion of the final signal. The difference in gates OR and NOR are symbolic designated as a small circle on the output IMPROVED: To get an Not gate from a NAND ( Full Answer )

How do you make or gate from nor gate?

You can use a second gate on the same IC to invert the output (most OR-gate ICs I know of have 4 gates per chip). Do this by tying the output of the first gate to both inputs of the spare gate.

How do you make NOT gate from AND or OR gates?

A: NOT means inversion of the function like an OR gate if inverted it becomes a NOR gate AND becomes a NAND gate if logic input function is inverted on the output. This can plainly be seen by looking at a gate symbol if there is a circle on the output it means it function is inverted. B: You have ( Full Answer )

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People frequently mention that St. Peter is the gatekeeper. However, the Bible never mentions a gatekeep of heaven, by name. In Revelation 21:12 it says "It had a great and high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names were written on them, which are the names of the twe ( Full Answer )

Why AND gate is an all or nothing gate?

AND gate is an all or nothing gate because in able to have an output of logic 1,all of the input must be all logic 1 or else the output will be nothing or simply logic 0.

Is nand gate a universal gate?

yes,nand gate is universal gate..because we can create NOT,OR,AND,EX-OR with the help of nand gate.

Can you obtain OR gate function from AND gate?

Well, if you mean to make the truths of an AND gate similiar to the ones of OR gates, then you can do the following: 1. Put an inverter at every input of the AND gate. This will make it act like an NOR gate 2. Put an inverter at the output of the gate. This will invert the truths and turn the NOR ( Full Answer )

How can get xor gate from nand gate?

the conversions of the gates from one to the another may seem complex if tried at once... but some mathematical operations will give best instant solutions!! we have to write the needed function in terms of the function in form of which to be converted!! see... xor gate is AB'+BA' taking its comple ( Full Answer )

How can get and gate from nor gate?

an 2 input AND gate can be realize using 3 NOR gates. . Let ,A and B are the input and x be the output. x=A.B= NOR ( NOR (A) NOR (B))

What are the differences between an and gate and or gate?

In a circuit board, either an AND gate or an OR gate has two inputs and one output. For example, let's call the inputs A and B--these are wires that, at a given time are either hot (have electric current) or cold (have no current). Let's call the output C; it is either hot or cold depending on the g ( Full Answer )

How do you convert not gate to ex or gate?

You can't make XOR out of NOT alone. Mathematically, NOT takes only a single argument, and its gate, an inverter, takes a single input. There's no way to combine two inputs giving a single output with one input gates. You need some two input gates to do the job. They can be AND, OR, NAND, NOR, or so ( Full Answer )

What the OR gate?

an unconditional addition operation performed for logic to transfer a particular bit is called OR gate

What is OR gate in logic gate?

OR is a logic gate which provides an output high when any one of its outputs are high. In other words, this gate delivers a high output when the first OR the second input is high.

What is an OR gate?

An OR gate is a digital logic gate. If one or both of the inputs to the gate are "1", then the ouput ofthe gate will be "1" . If both of the inputs to the gate are "0" then the output of thegate will be "0".

What does an OR gate do?

An OR gate is a digital logic gate. If one or both of the inputs to the gate are "1", then the ouput ofthe gate will be "1" . If both of the inputs to the gate are "0" then the output of thegate will be "0".

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Can and gate be formed by or gate?

You can make an AND gate out of NOR gates, but you can't make oneout of regular OR gates and nothing else.