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What is novelty quilting fabrics?


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October 08, 2007 5:43AM

Novelty fabrics are fabrics with a theme of some sort. Pets, holidays, toys, and sports are just a few of the numerous motifs printed on fabric. This type of fabric became popular during the last quarter of the 19th century . At this time they were called conversation prints. Bicycles, horseshoes and anchors were popular motifs. During America's Great Depression manufacturers began to sell animal feed and staples like flour and sugar in sacks printed with delightful themes. Once the feed sack was emptied the sack was used to make clothing or quilts. There were some delightful novelty prints on feedsacks. See the link to feedsack novelty fabrics. The novelty fabrics available today seem to be endless and include just about any theme you can imagine. Just one word of warning. If you find a novelty fabric you love you'd better buy it then and there as they are usually done in just one printing.