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In general, nuclear energy comes from the energy associated with atomic nuclei. There is nuclear fusion, which happens in stars and in fusion weapons, and there is nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the "combining" of lighter atomic nuclei to create heavier ones, and many fusion reactions release energy. (Again, think of stars.) In contrast, nuclear fission is the "splitting" of atomic nuclei to release energy. The latter is technology that we've come to use fairly widely, and we have developed fission nuclear weapons and the nuclear reactor to tap nuclear energy via fission. Let's look at the latter device, the reactor.

The fission of nuclear fuel (also known as atomic fuel, such as uranium or plutonium) is where we get nuclear energy. And what happens during nuclear fission is that the nuclei of fuel atoms absorb neutrons and fission (split), releasing lots of energy. In fission, that larger atomic nucleus breaks into a pair of smaller ones, and these fission fragments recoil with a lot of kinetic energy. The fuel traps the fission fragments, and the energy they came away with is converted into thermal energy in the fuel.

We derive nuclear energy by tapping the energy of formation of atomic nuclei via fusion or fission. This is advanced technology that is less than a century old. We're still working to use it well and wisely.

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Q: What is nuclear energy made from?
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What is nuclear energy made of?

Nuclear Energy is made up of atoms that can be naturally made or man made.

What is nuclear energy i don't understand?

nuclear energy is a type of energy made by splitting atoms when the atoms split they make energy

What is a type of nuclear radiation made of high energy waves?

Gamma radiation is a type of nuclear radiation made of high energy waves.

Who invent nuclear?

Nuclear energy was present very shortly after the universe was made.

What kind of energy is made by spliting atoms?

nuclear energy/atomic energy. This can be converted to electrical energy atoms are separated by a electron microscope nuclear cannot be seperaated

What energy is made up splitting atoms?


This nuclear energy is pure energy not made of any particle?

Gamma radiation

Where people in ancient times able to use nuclear energy?

No no form of man-made nuclear energy was created until 1942

How is nuclear energy made and where?

technically its not made by anywhere is comes from inside a atom...

Nuclear energy is energy?

Yes, nuclear energy is energy.

How is nuclear energy different than other forms of energy?

It is because that kinetic and heat energy are movement. Nuclear energy is electromagnetic waves that are made of protons, which are objects that move, not simply movement.

Is fusion nuclear energy or chemical energy?

Nuclear fusion produces nuclear energy

What is the economic impact on nuclear energy?

nuclear produce nuclear energy the materials are expencive so nuclear energy is good but expensive to make and use it as energy

What kind of energy is nuclear energy?

It is nuclear energy, which is released either by nuclear fission or fusion

Is Nuclear Energy Created?

The law that people go by is: Energy can not be destroyed or created by nature.Nuclear energy is man made though, with our nuclear power plants. So this contains the correct information for Nuclear Energy. This happens because of the splitting/smashing of atoms, creating a powerful enough energy to power homes and other appliances.

Where does nuclear energy come from to make renewable energy work?

Nuclear energy and renewable energy are not related. Renewable energy does not use nuclear energy.

What is nuclear made of?

If you're considering nuclear energy, then nuclear power is generated by nuclear fission, generally with radioactive bombardment. Basically, atoms are split into smaller components and release energy, and we use that to generate steam for electric power.

Why is nuclear energy called Nuclear energy?

Because it is energy derived from the heat made by a (Hopefully) controlled nuclear reaction. The nuclear reaction involves the nucleus of Uranium 235 (or possibly Plutonium 239) fissioning or splitting which releases a large amount of energy, so it is a nuclear process, not a chemical one such as would occur between atoms or molecules.

Can nuclear energy work with other forms of energy?

Nuclear energy is converted to electrical energy in a nuclear power plant.

What kind of nuclear energy generates electrical energy at power plants?

Nuclear energy generated by nuclear fissions of nuclear fuels.

What is the most powerful man made energy source on earth?

Nuclear reactions like nuclear power plants ^_~

What the important of man made elements in nuclear energy?

For example plutonium is a nuclear fuel; also the isotope 233U.

Are there any uses of nuclear energy?

Are there any uses of Nuclear Energy? Are there any uses of Nuclear Energy?

What are some examples of a nuclear energy?

fission nuclear energyfusion nuclear energyradioactive decay

Is a nuclear fission a chemical energy?

The energy released is nuclear energy.