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It is a non-existent term. Objects cannot be overloaded. Only functions can be overloaded.

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What are the disadvantages of operator overloading in c plus plus?

An object in C++ is an instance of a C++ class.

depends what you use it for. c++ = object oriented c = not object oriented

Function overloading is a C++ thing, not a C thing.

There is no operator overloading in C. This is only a C++ thing.

Overloading, Overriding, Polymorphism, Information Hiding, Inheritance all these are CONCEPTS of C++ and Java. An Object Oriented Language and not of C language. Thats why Bjarne Stroustrup came up with C++ ...

No; C++ is not 100% object oriented.

Operator overloadingThe mechanism of giving special meanings to an operator is known as operator overloading.It provides a flexible option for the creation of new definitions for most of the C++ operators. we can almost create a new language of our own by the creative use of the function and operator overloading techniques.

An object is simply an instance of a class.

No. Operator and/or function overloading is only a C++ thing.

Since you can create programs in C plus plus (C++) without creating any object you can call the C++ a semi-object-oriented programming language. The C++ programming language was first released in 1983 and it was designed by Bjarne Stroustrup.

C++ is object-oriented. It is not object-based because, like C before it, C++ supports the principal of primitive data types, which are not object-based.

one reason to use new and delete operator overloading in c++ is when you are using your own memory manager code. when the user of your code calls the new keywork, your memory manager code can allocate memory.

C++ is an object oriented, what is Object oriented is : Object-oriented languages provide abstraction via classes. Classes define the properties and methods of an object type. C is not an object oriented

C++ is an object oriented programming language

There is no difference; to define an object in C++ you use the 'class' definition

c is procedure oriented and c++ is object oriented & much newer.

Yes, member function overriding in a derived class is allowed in C++, but only if the function is declared public or protected.Keep in mind that overridding and overloading are two different things, with overloading being the declaration and definition of two or more functions with the same name and scope, but with different numbers and/or types of parameters. Overloading is not related to derivation/overriding, so overloading is always allowed.

The this operator in C++ is a compiler generated pointer to the instance of an object, accessible from within a method of that object.

C++ OO is the object-oriented aspect of the C++ programming language.

When we are initializing our object with different internal state then we can use the constructor overloading.

You use delete object in C++ to delete an object. You can also implicitly delete the object, if it is automatic type, by going out of local scope.

To allow backward compatibility and interoperability with ANSI C, which is entirely non-object-oriented.

For programming. C++ is better than C because it is object-oriented and has classes.