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Offshore fishing is when you fish in deep water areas on the edges of ocean currents. This is where big-game fishing, like billfish and tuna is done.

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If you don't know what off shore fishing is LOOK IT UP or ask an adult or a teacher or someone. Because the internet isn't always right. people can put any random answer on the Internet.

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Q: What is offshore fishing?
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What is the difference between inshore fishing and offshore fishing?

In shore fishing ussaly means fishing on land or on shore, and offshore fishing means fishing in a boat.

What is nearshore fishing?

Fish near the shore as apposed to fishing offshore

What is a big game fishing for?

Big game fishing is often referred to as offshore sportfishing, offshore gamefishing, and blue water fishing. It is a form of recreational fishing. They target large fish such as tuna and marlin.

What type of articles can be found in the Offshore Magazine?

Offshore-Onshore magazine is a magazine devoted to topics regarding hunting and fishing. More specifically, the magazine covers the state of Florida and its hunting and fishing.

What industries are in the southeast region of the US?

one of the industries is offshore fishing.

What are the industries of the southeast region of the us?

one of the industries is offshore fishing.

What are some companies hiring for offshore work?

There are a variety of jobs available for offshore work, such as jobs in crab fishing, oil drilling, or sea patrolling. Some companies that offer these jobs are Hercules Offshore or PT Offshore.

Norway commercial fishing and offshore oil from the North Sea?

Yes, both

Whats a rich fishing ground in the atlantic ocean?

Gulf of Maine, Bay of Fundy and offshore Canadian Fishing Banks are the rich fishing ground in the Atlantic Ocean.

How many red snapper fish on daily bag on offshore fishing out gulf Texas?

the scientist

The Peru Humboldt Current is?

a cool offshore ocean current conducive to commercial fishing that flows parallel to the Peruvian coastline

What has the author A C Becker written?

A. C. Becker has written: 'Game and bird calling' -- subject(s): Game calling (Hunting) 'Lure fishing' -- subject(s): Fishing lures, Lure fishing 'Big red/channel bass fishing' -- subject(s): Channel bass fishing, Red drum fishing 'Fishing the Texas coast, inshore & offshore' -- subject(s): Fishing, Saltwater fishing

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