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Q: What is olly murs most listened to song?
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Did Olly Murs do a music video for this song is about you?


What song did olly murs sing for his audition?


What is olly murs favouite song he sang?

thinking of me :')

Is the song this ones for the girls originally an olly Murs song?


How long has olly murs had his wife for?

not sure i just love his song olly murs dance with me tonight and i think he is cute! love ya!

What is olly murs favourite song on his album?

I Need You Now

What is Olly murs's favorite song?

wings by little mix

What song did olly murs sing in a silver suit?


Which is olly murs new song called?

oh my goodness.

What is olly murs's favrouite song?

Billie Jean -MJ :)

What is olly murs favoutite song of his?

billie jean, micheal jackson

When was the song troublemaker by Olly Murs released?

17th September 2012

What song did olly murs sing on his x factor audition?


What instruments are used in the song Troublemaker by Olly Murs?

guitar, piano

What song did robbie Williams sing on x-factor with olly murs?


When did olly murs make his song heart skip a beat?

August, 2011

What is Robbie Williams and Olly murs's song?

They don't have one but he sang 'Angels' with him on X Factor

What did olly murs sing at the one direction conseet?

he sang the "signed, sealed delivered" song and his hits

Which Tina turner song did Olly Murs sing on last week's x factor?

Fool In Love

What songs did Olly Murs write himself?

Olly has written most of his songs himself, on his 2nd album 'In Case You Didn't Know' he wrote EVERY single song except for 'Heart Skips A Beat'

What are olly murs Favorite song and why?

I think it's the Last to know by The Wanted, because he said that in one interview.

What is olly murs favoutie song?

last to know by the wanted because he likes the wanted but his favorite song out of all of the songs is last to know.

What song did Olly Murs sing on The X Factor week 2 live shows?

A Fool In Love by Tina Turner

Who did ed sheeran write a song for?

He's wrote for One Direction and Olly Murs in industry Personally, I'm unsure.

What was the last song Olly Murs sang on The X Factor?

His last performance was of his potential winner's single: The Climb by Miley Cyrus.