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Go to the website. The information on that will be better than any information anyone can give you.

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What is 'cinema' when translated from English to Italian?

"Cinema" in English means cinema in Italian.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cinema Cinema - 1986?

The cast of Cinema Cinema - 1986 includes: Kalaichelvi Gandhimathi

What is the Romanian word for cinema?

The Romanian language equivalents of cinema are cinema, cimetograf.

What is qube cinema?

Qube cinema is a Digital Cinema Provider for more information Google

Did the Titanic have a cinema?

No, there wasn't a cinema on the Titanic.

What is a antonym for the word cinema?

There is no antonym for cinema.

What is Gaelic for cinema?

In Irish: cineama (cinema) scannánaíocht (The cinema; act of filming) pictiúrlann or teach pictiúr (picture-house, cinema) In (Scots) Gaelic: ?

Example of past tense present tense and future tense?

Past - I went to the cinema. Present - I go to the cinema. Future - I am going to the cinema tomorrow/I will go to the cinema tomorrow/ I am going to go to cinema tomorrow

What is a sentence using the word cinema?

Let's see what's showing at the cinema.The cinema has great popcorn!This bus doesn't go anywhere near the cinema!

How do you spell cinema?

You spelled it correctly in your question: cinema

When did Titanic play at the cinema?

The Titanic was out at the cinema in 1997.

How to register a cinema title in tamil cinema?


How do you say home cinema in french?

Home cinema

What is cheaper bowling or cinema at surrey quays?


Is there a cinema in whitby?

Yes - the Whitby Pavilion Cinema.

Is a cinema a salon?

No. A cinema is usually a movie theater.

How do you by stuff for your cinema on binweevils?

You go to the cinema shop.

Cinema name of cinema bottom of clowes street west gorton Manchester what was it called in the 1940s?

The Conway Cinema

What is the motto of VIVA Cinema?

The motto of VIVA Cinema is 'Ito ang STAR, at ito ang VIVA Cinema'.

Is the Italian word 'cinema' feminine or masculine?

The Italian word cinema is masculine, not feminine, in gender.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Girl Named Cinema - 2013?

The cast of A Girl Named Cinema - 2013 includes: Michaeline Sexton as Cinema Autumn Stein as Cinema

What kind of cinema is Moonlight Cinema in Australia?

The Moonlight Cinema is an outdoor cinema found in Australia. These cinemas often play contemporary movies in addition to classic films and previews.

What is the difference between movie and cinema?

Movie: Can be defined as the film which is running presently in the cinema halls . While booking the tickets on-line if you will click on Movie then you will get the options of booking tickets according to the movie. Cinema: Whereas cinema is the particular multiplex or hall where movie is showing. While booking on-line tickets if you will click on cinema you will get the list of cinema halls and after entering into cinema hall you will get the information about the movies running in that particular cinema hall. Movie=film whereas Cinema=Movie hall/place/theater.

How much is the cinema?

it costs £100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to buy the word cinema

Can you go to the cinema?

pouvez-vous aller au cinema?

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