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one benefit of beingof the us is that you get to vote
One benefit of being a citizen of the US is women is the right to vote. Another benefit is "you can be be whoever you want to be ", a doctor, lawyer, nurse. You have choices.

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Q: What is one benefit of being citizen of the US?
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The right to travel with a US blank is one benefit of being a citizen of the US?

The right to travel with a US passport is one benefit of being a citizen of the US. US citizens need a passport to travel to other countries.

Name one benefit of being a us citizen?

One of the benefits are that you get to be protected by the us army

What is one benefit of being a citizen of the US of America?

One Benefit Is Freedom Of Speech. Other Benefits Are Found In The First Amendment.

Name one benefit to being a citizen of the us?

the right to vote in state and national elections

What is the most important benefit of being a US citizen?

The freedom to vote.

Is being a naturalized citizen of the US is equivalent to being a US Citizen?

yes about the same.

How am I proud to be a US citizen?

Be proud of being an US citizen. It's a great country.

Is being a citizen of the US the same as being a citizen from Canada?

No, they're different. There's a US passport and a Canadian passport.

Are you a US citizen if one parent is a US citizen and the other is not and you are born out of th US?

Yes, you are a US citizen.

You are child of US citizen living in US how can you be US citizen?

You are born one .

What are four ways that one could legally be a citizen of the US?

Naturalization, right of birth - being born here, right of blood - if at least one parent is a US citizen at the time of the birth

What benefit did get senior citizen get in US?

Free medical support and medical supplies.

Can an us citizen marry a british citizen on vacation in the US?

yes If so then what steps would l being a us citizen need to follow after we marry in the us?

Is US citizenship easy or hard?

Easy, you get born in it. :3 Becoming a US citizen is hard for some people, but being a US citizen is easy. I can honestly say that being a US citizen has never caused me any problem.

How would you feel after having just become a citizen of the US?

I AM A US CITIZEN - the very sound of it is exciting isn't it? Getting this coveted citizenship status is a thing to rejoice, celebrate and enjoy. The feeling of being a US citizen is uncomparable and one will be in the seventh heaven of delight when he/she has successfully become a US citizen.

Can everyone living in the US vote for a president?

no you must be a legal citizen that means being born in the us or one of its territories.

What is the difference of becoming a US citizens and being a US citizens?

Becoming a US citizen is a lengthy process as one has to first become a permanent resident and then go on to the citizenship process. Being a US citizen comes by being born in the US. This is birthright citizenship. This confers all the rights and privileges to the person. It is automatically granted at birth.

Can you become a US citizen by marring a US citizen?

no, you are married to a U.S. citizen but it doesn't make it a right for you to be one

What is one responsibility of a US citizen?

The one responsibility of a U.S. citizen is to vote.

Green card but married a us citizen do you become a us citizen?

No. You do not become a US citizen by marrying one. That is for you to earn by your own abilities!

What 2 ways can people be citizens?

Person can become a US citizen by being born to parents even if one of them is a US citizen or by birth if born in US. Another way is through the naturalization process by filing Form N-400 person can become a citizen.

If you are conceived in the US but born in another county are you a citizen of the US?

No, unless one of your parents is a US citizen.

What does one have to do to become a US citizen?

There are a few ways one can become a US citizen. One can do this by holding a green card for 3 years and then apply for citizenship. Another way is to marry a US citizen.

What are 5 advantages of being a us citizen?

Depends on where you are from.

If a US citizen marries a non US citizen and has a child outside the us is the child a US citizen?

Yes the child is as long as one parent is a US citizen. At 18 the child may have a choice of choosing one citizenship since they hold a dual citizenship.