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An element of performing good comedy is timing.

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Q: What is one element of comedy?
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What is element of comedy?

An element of performing good comedy is timing.

Which of these is an element of comedy?

A hero who has flaws

What is an important element in comedy?


Irony is built upon the basic element of?

Yes, but only with distance.

One sentences from comedy?

Sentences for the word comedy?

What happens in a William Shakespeare comedy?

A shakespearean comedy is a play where no-one dies.

How would one describe Bangla comedy?

Bangla comedy does not exist. A simple search on Bangla comedy yields nothing, and instead assumes that one is searching up Bengali comedy, folk literature, or famous Bengali people.

What television networks have comedy on their channel?

Depending where one lives would determine what sort of comedy channels are available. A few Sky channels that have comedy on them are The Comedy Channel and Dave.

Where can one view comedy sketches online?

There are many places where one can view comedy sketches online. This includes sites such as YouTube, as well as blogs and forums dedicated to comedy sketches.

Why is comedy so funny?

Comedy is funny because of the surprise. All comedy depends on the audience expecting one result and getting something unexpected.

Which element from Much Ado about Nothing helps the reader know the play is a comedy?

Hero and Claudio have problems, but they marry and are happy at the end.

Where can one find old Comedy Central reruns?

Comedy Central is a TV station that runs old episodes of TV shows. There are no old Comedy Central reruns per se, so one cannot find them anywhere. One can view a schedule of what shows Comedy Central shows by visiting their website.