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An example of convention is boiling rice-thats convection!

ex. of convention are run-ons, mechanics..etc

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Did the delegates of the constitutional convention discuss women's rights?

It depends on which one you are talking about at the convention of 100 they did not It depends on which one you are talking about at the Convention of 1800 they did not

How can one visit the Philadelphia convention?

To visit the Philadelphia Convention, one must plan ahead and schedule to visit it. One must actually go to Philadelphia too to visit the convention. There are many events in the Philadelphia Convention that one must plan and schedule ahead.

What was the National Convention?

The National Convention is a convention of a major political party. This is especially one that nominates a candidate for the presidency.

What is a major difference between how the national convention is run and a caucus convention?

National convention is 4 days long, caucus is one

What was one of the delegates first actions at the constitutional convention?

Elect a president of the Convention. A +LS

What is the difference between conference and convention?

Looking at various dictionaries it would appear that a conference involves delegates speaking to one another (for example a scientific conference where people present their research), while a convention involves delegates meeting for a common purpose (for example a convention on climate change, where some experts inform the delegates).So in a conference most delegates would be actively involved in the proceedings, while at a convention a few delegates are actively involved and most are observing the proceedings.

What are algebraic conventions?

Algebraic conventions are the way that formulas and algebraic problems are shown. For example one convention is 'x'. X is often a primary variable.

Can factors only be whole number?

No, but by convention, they usually are. For example, they can be algebraic expressions.

What is sign convention?

That means to consistently use "positive" for one thing and "negative" for the opposite. For example, north may be called positive, and south may be called negative. Precisely because signs might also be used the opposite way, a sign convention means that - for the purpose of a certain exercise, for example - a certain direction is chosen as positive. Another example is electrical charges, where one of the two charges is arbitrarily called "positive". They might just as well be labeled the opposite way, but the sign convention has been used for so long that nobody would seriously suggest changing it.

Read the sentence from Patrick Henry’s Speech to the Virginia Convention. Why is this sentence an example of the use of metaphor?

Answer is : "The word "lamp" is equated with the word "experience."

What is a drama convention?

Its where a bunch of actors and play writers gather up in one spot(Convention) and they party.

What is the compromise that the convention adopted as a plan for our government?

The Great Compromise is the one the convention adopted as a plan for the government.

What is the Definition of business convention?

A business convention is a meeting of people that are in the same business. For example, an electricians convention would be a meeting of a group of electricians who are not necessarily employed by the same company. They get together to share ideas and learn of new products.

An example of emotional appeal in the speech to the Virginia convention?

Assassins creed 3 is awsome

Named one reason philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention?

One reason why Philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention was because of the symbolic Independence Hall.

Where could one locate the Pennsylvania Convention Center?

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is located at 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Convention Center opened is 1993 and is operated by the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.

What is the difference between mutuator and accessor methods?

Mutator: Put something into the class (change something). By convention, has a name that starts with "set", for example, "getName". Accessor: Get something out of the class (find out the class's state). By convention, has a name that starts with "get", for example, "getName". For logical values, "is" is used instead, for example, "isActive".

Grey eyed goddess is an example of what epic convention?

This is an example of an Epithet. An epithet is a re-naming of the characters, gods, or things by stock phrases. One example is Athena, the "grey-eyed goddess;" another is the renaming of Agamemnon and Menelaus as "Atreus' two sons" or "the twin eaglse."

What statement is true about the Constitutional Convention?

One true statement about the Constitutional Convention, was that not all of the delegates were willing to sign the Constitution.

One word summary of the constitutional convention?


When is the next Pokemon Convention in TN?

There isn't one

When is the next charmed convention?

There isn't going to be one.

Why did the constifufional convention originaly begin meeting?

The answer seems obvious-- they had to have a constitution and the democratic way to get one was to hold a convention with duly elected delegates sent to thrash one out.

Why do elements have one capital letter and others have a capital letter and one or two lowercase?

This is the convention used by chemists. It also corresponds to the usual convention for abbreviations of words.

What spurred the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was proposed by the Annapolis Convention, which concluded that it could not solve the economic problems on its agenda without revising the Articles of Confederation. Shays's Rebellion then provided a dramatic example of the dangers that could arise from the impotence of the Federal Government.

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