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We don't know but we haven't explored the mangroves yet. We have been discovering about other things but that is a good question. It's to hard for me. You tricked me this time. from your dearest friend zahara

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Q: What is one red spot on the tongue?
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What causes red spot on tongue?

if you eat some thing what is hot

Back of tongue coated tip and underneath of tongue red and sore with dark red spot in centre?

This is the symptoms of tongue sore ,Get the treatment in the beginning stage itself.

How do you spot a fake converse?

One way to spot a fake Converse is to notice the tongue of the shoe. If the tongue of the shoe does not have the Converse trademark on it, it is a fake Converse.

What color is a snake's tongue?

A snake's tongue is red or black. But some time u get a rare one with a black tongue with a red tip. Or a red tongue with a black tip.

What part of your tongue should you get your tongue pierced?

There is only one spot in the tongue to pierce. Its between two major blood vessels. If they miss, there is a broad chance to get killed.

What are tongue ulcers?

Tongue Ulcers, also known as aphthous ulcer, are distinguished by white colored lesions on the tongue. They are usually painless. These ulcers are not of very serious kind but, when the same patch grows and turns into blood red color the ulcers might bleed causing damage to your tongue. You can feel a burning sensation and might spot red, swollen spots on the tongue.

What flag has one red spot on it?

The Japanese flag.

Do Pluto have any red spot?

No it dose not have one.

Does Jupiter have 2 red spots?

No, Jupiter has just one red spot.

What kind of snake has a red tongue?

A garter snake has a red tongue.

Why is your tongue red swollen and sore?

Due to the deficiency of vitamins so that tongue red swollen and sore.

What is Jupiter's red spot?

The Great Red Spot is what is know as anti-cyclone.The red spot is a storm.

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