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3000/3 = 1000, your figure is not that much less...


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One third of four is one and one third

No, one half of one third.

One third divided by two and one third = 1/7

Absolute value of negative one and one-third is positive one and one-third.

One third is equal to 33.33%

It is: 1/3 = one third

One third divided by third

No. One third squared is one ninth. One ninth is smaller than one third.

one third is larger than one fifth

0.75 is three-fourths, not one third. One third is 0.333333....

if you add one third and one third you get two sixths then if you divide it by 2 each you will get it back to one thirds

One third of Twenty one is Seven1 third of 21 is 7

Sixteen divided by one and one-third = 12(twelve).

Yes, finding 33 and one third percent of a number is equivalent to finding one third.

One and one third is 1.3333 . . .

1.333333333333333333 to infinity * * * * * Actually, that is one and one third which is NOT the same as one and one third PERCENT. The correct answer is 133.33... %

one-third of what? 5 cups is about one-third of a gallon...

The answer is thirty three and one third .

One third is a fraction that can be expressed as 1/3. One third of sixteen is 5.333.

four thirds or one and one third

A third of the sum. One-third of nine would be three, for instance.

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