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What is open debit?

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Can you people give me a credit or debit card number?

A bank will if you open an account

Can a minor have a debit card?

No a minor can't have a debit card because in order to have a debit card, he/she has to have a valid checking account. How can a minor have a checking account when banks don't let you open a checking account until you are 18?

Is drawing debit or credit?

its debit.

Can you get a car with an open car loan already.?

Depends upon your debit, to income ratio, but, yes. It is possible.

Can you open an itunes account using an ATM cum debit card labelled Mastero?

what is Zip Code

What are consumer debit cards?

The consumer debit cards are Government debit cards,Banking USA debit crads and Lakeland Bank debit cards and Prepaid debit cards. Most of all banks has their own debit cards.

Does interest payable a debit or credit?

Interest payable is debit.

Is wages expense credit or debit?

Debit, debit increasing wages

What are visa cards?

its a debit cards. its a debit cards. its a debit cards.

How do you add funds with a credit card to your achieve card?

How can handle the credit and debit cards. and how to open account give answer

Is open inventory a debit or credit?

Opening inventory Debit Cost of Sales Credit Inventory - balance sheet Closing inventory Debit Inventory - balance sheet Credit Cost of Sales An opening inventory is a debit as it is an increase is expenses as the opening inventory is expected to be sold in the coming accounting period. and any thing that is spent to provide goods or services to a customer is an expense.

Is an investment credit or debit?


Is salaries a debit or credit?


Payment is it credit or debit?


Is commission credit or debit?


Is cash is an debit or credit?


Is insurance is a debit or credit?


Would a deposit appear on your bank statement as a credit?

Yes. A deposit is a credit and a withdrawal (check, debit card, etc.) is a debit. For example, you open a checking account with $500: Opening Balance $500 this is a credit (+) You write a check for $25 this is a debit (-) You write a check for $82 this is a debit (-) You make a deposit of $250 this is a credit (+) You write a check for $28 this is a debit (-) Your balance is $615 If you were to write a check for more than your balance of $615, then you would have a negative (-) balance.

What is the difference between Debit memo and Debit note?

HI, There is no difference between debit note & debit memo, both or same.

What is debit and example of debit?

In finance, unlike accounting, a debit is a subtraction of funds. When you make a purchase using a debit card, money is subtracted from your account. Hence the name, 'debit card'.

Who is the credit card inventor?

open the second & third link of this website: hope you get answer; good luck !

What is a debit note IN accounting terms?

a debit note is an entry recorded to debit an account

Do debit cards debit your account?

Yes, your account is debited when you use a debit card.

Debit note form?

debit notes

What account has a normal debit balance?