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What is opposite to the term Monotheistic?

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June 28, 2012 1:52AM

Answer 1: Polytheistic, or alternatively, Atheistic. Polytheistic being 'believing in more than one God', Atheistic being 'believing in no God'.

Answer 2: In our time monotheism is often considered a higher form of religion than polytheism. People speak of God, pray to God, search for God rather than speak of gods, pray to a particular god, or acknowledge various divine incarnations. Individual monotheistic worshipers, however, usually worship a particular form of their god and not his causal, unmanifest, formless aspect. There is a nearness, a response, in the formal aspect which is lacking in the abstract conception. But a causal, formless, all-pervading divinity, cause and origin of all forms, cannot be manifest in a particular form and would of necessity be equally at the root of all types of form. Divinity can only be reached through its manifestations, and there are as many gods as there are aspects of creation. The gods and the universe are two aspects -- the conscious powers and the unconscious forms -- of an indefinite multiplicity.

Answer 3: Words like "monotheistic," when there also exsit words like "polytheistic, and, and "atheistic," and simply, "theistic," kinda' almost have no "opposite," per se. Rather, they all describe places along a continuum, almost more than anything else. That said, if "atheistic" is the opposite of "theistic," then "polytheistic" is likely the closest opposite of "monotheistic." Though positing same is just askin' for trouble among those skilled in philosophical debate... and who are just itchin' for a fight. [grin]