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What is order of the resultant matrix AB when two matrices are multiplied and the order of the Matrix A is m n order of Matrix B is n p Also state the condition under which two matrices can be mult?


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August 14, 2011 7:45AM

the order is m p and the matrices can be multiplied if and only if the first one (matrix A) has the same number of columns as the second one (matrix B) has rows i.e)is Matrix A has n columns, then Matrix B MUST have n rows.

Equal Matrix: Two matrices A=|Aij| and B=|Bij| are said to be equal (A=B) if and only if they have the same order and each elements of one is equal to the corresponding elements of the other. Such as A=|1 2 3|, B=|1 2 3|. Thus two matrices are equal if and only if one is a duplicate of the other.