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What is origin of maize?

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What is the origin of popcorn?

Popcorn is treated maize.

Is maize a native of south America?

The origin of maize, Zea Maya or Indian Corn, is unknown the only near relative is a weed found in Mexico and Guatemala which is thought to be a hybrid with Tripsacum.

How do you say Ebituma in English language?

In Kisii language of African origin,"Ebituma" has the meaning of "Maize" in English.

What is the life cycle of a maize?

Maize Maize Maize

What does the Kikuyu name Njenga mean?

The Kikuyu name Njenga has African origin and it means broken bits of maize.

What is the definition and the origin of the word maize?

From Cuban Spanish as 'maiz'. Borrowed from Haiti Arawakan 'mahiz' - known since 1555.

How do you say Obokima in English language?

In Kisii language of African origin,"Obokima" has the meaning of "Ugali (maize staple)" in English.

What is maizeflower?

Maize flour is basically flour made from maize maize is a crop and wotsits are made from maize :)

Where maize is grown?

maize is grown in the US and 99% of maize is grown there

What is a maize?

Maize is a type of corn.

Is maize wheat?

No maize is corn

Is a maize a dicotyledon?

no maize is a monocot

What is the difference between maize starch and maize flour?

Maize flour is made from maize starch. The starch is the ingredient, the flour is the product.

What do American's call maize?

Isn't maize corn? Maize.. I really sont know ^.^

What does maize contain what are uses of maize?


Maize is monocot or dicot?

Maize is a monocot.

What is Aztecs food?

it is maize/corn corn is maize maize is pronounced maze as in puzzle etc.

What kind of venation does maize have?

the leaf of a maize plant has parallel venation

How was maize created?

Maize is a grain grown in the ground that the English call Maize and Americans call corn.

The native American name for corn?

Maize. Maize.

Who eats maize?

American word for corn. (maize)

How many chromosomes does maize have?

Maize has 10 chromosomes

Is Maize a CAM plant?

No, maize is a C4 plant.

Is maize a vegetable?

Maize is a corn - like vegetable.

What is the botanical name for maize?

Botonical name of maize

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