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The short answer...

excavation gets you to grade, over-excavation gets you below grade and is based on engineering requirements.

The longer answer...

In grading work there may be times when plans specify to cut or excavate to a particular elevation. There are other times when an over-excavation will be specified to remove unsuitable soils to a certain depth. So lets say that you are at a site where the native elevation is at 460' and plans call for finished grade at an elevation of 450' with an over-excavation of 5.' What this means is that you would excavate down 10' (from 460' to 450') and then over-excavate down an additional 5' (from 450' to 445')

At that point the bottom of the over-excavated location will usually have x number of inches to be scarified, moisture conditioned and compacted to a certain percentage of the maximum dry density obtained in laboratory testing. The removed soil (aka: over-ex or OX) will then be replaced with suitable material in lifts of a specified thickness with an optimum moisture content and compacted to a particular percentage of the maximum dry density.
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What is excavation?

Excavation is the loosening and removal of soil from a certainarea... ------------------------- digging a hole is excavation.

What does excavation mean?

In civil engineering, excavation is a process whereby rock or soil material is removed from the ground usually forming a void or hole.

How do you reduce fuel consumption in excavators?

GPS tracking is one good way to reduce fuel costs for heavy equipment. Many people do not understand that with an embedded gps system, they can track vehilce activity as well as it's location. For instance you can track pto activity, idling time, speeding and of course extra stops.

What is an excavator?

it is a machine used to dig the earth, it can also be used to lift thing such as a crane would, but only as high as the boom of the excavator will rise and the weight is dependant on the size of the excavator.

What is a multi-purpose excavator?

It's one earth moving equipment able to perform as one excavator, one loader and one lifter, this is changing tools only; it's like Gallmac.

What is an excavation season?

Excavation season refers to the period in the year when archaeologists undertake fieldwork (normally excavation) and is most often in the summer months.. There is no seasonal division in commercial archaeology, where excavation takes place year round.

What is excavated?

Excavated means, like, how do they take it out, or how do they extract it? _. Excavated means to like dig up something or find something and Get it by digging it up.

Where do you find excavators?

If you want to see excavators visit any construction site, if you want to rent one go to your nearest tool rental... Home depot has a tool rental that rents/sells excavators.

How do excavators work?

The engine powers a hydraulic pump, which then push the hydraulic oil to the pistons.

What rhymes with excavations?

2 syllables: haitians, haitiens, nation's, nations, nations', patients, station's, stations, stations'. 3 syllables: carnations, castrations, citations, creations, croatian's, croatians, croatians', crustaceans, dalmatians, donations, durations, flirtations, formations, foundation's, foundation ( Full Answer )

What is backhoe excavator?

A backhoe excavator is one that has a loading bucket on the front and a hoe on the back. Such as a Case 580 backhoe

What are the root cause of Diesel Engine over heating in hydraulic excavator?

Low coolant, Thermostat, But mostly with these machines operating a lot with dirt and sand. They need to be blown out regularly because of the areas they work in and the pressure the fan puts through the radiator to keep it cool. Air hardly ever get stuck in the radiator fins , But all those little ( Full Answer )

What do excavators do?

They dig things such as foundations, trenches, and grub out for roads and drive ways.

What is the difference between bulk excavations and normal excavations?

The difference between normal excavation and bulk excavation can be defined by the amount and area being excavated and and the volume of material removed. A simple excavation example is when a homeowner digs a small ditch along his property. A small amount of grass, plants, roots, rocks, etc. are ( Full Answer )

Why do archaeologist excavate?

To discover the culture of the people who once lived in an area. By unearthing the trash, plates, missing articles of a person, family, village or people, archaologists can peice together the thei culture with hypotheses about how and why they did things. Learning cultures is important for globaliza ( Full Answer )

How did they excavate Pompeii?

Forelli used many excavations of Pompeii such as replacing right-left into top-down as it caused less damage.

What is the meaning of excavation?

excavation - the act of digging The removal of soil, dirt, and rocks in order to uncover something. Such as excavating an archaeological site. Or excavating a plot of land in order to build a foundation for a house.

How do you operate an excavator?

Practice practice practice. It takes awhile for your brain to learn the muscle patterns to opporate the controls but afterwards it's all muscle memory and second nature.

What are the purpose of excavator?

The purpose of an excavator is to move the earth, like you want to digup some earth or move earth from one place to another.

How much does a used excavator cost?

Used excavators can vary in price and quality a large amount. However, if one would try to put a price tag on a reasonable quality used excavator, one would say it costs around 20,000 dollars.

Why did they excavate the Church of the Holy Sepulcher?

Among many other striking discoveries in Jerusalem, Emperor Constantine's mother, Helena, claimed to have found the exact places of Jesus' crucifixion and his burial within surprisingly close proximity. Also surprisingly, this was at the vry location of an important pagan temple, and possibly anothe ( Full Answer )

When was the sphinx excavated?

it was excavated coz some archiologist was just like damn im bored lets excavate this thing sticking out of the ground

Can excavator be used as pronoun?

No, the word 'excavator' is a noun, a word for a type of machine, aword for a thing. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'excavator' is it . Example: The excavator will be delivered today. It willget this job done quickl ( Full Answer )

How do use excavated in a sentence?

Technically you just used it correctly in a sentence. However if you would like it to retain it's natural meaning a fair example would be as such, "The grave robber excavated the corpse."

What is safe procedure of excavation?

That question has an answer that fills books. In a VERY brief answer, to have checked for underground hazards (wires, pipes) BEFORE starting to excavate, check for overhead hazards (powerlines) before starting, check for surface encumbrances (buildings, boulders, trees) that could be affected by the ( Full Answer )

Where can you rent a backhoe excavator in Miami?

Salco Equipment Rentals and Sales of Miami provides rental services for large equipment, such as backhoes. Rentals can also be obtained from nationwide chains, such as Hertz.

Where can you buy a backhoe excavator?

Try looking for companies in the local yellow pages or phonebook but if you cannot find where to buy a backhoe excavator then look for companies like CAT that manufacture the excavator and try to contact them to find the needed information of how, when, and how much to buy the machine for.

What is an excavation report?

An overall report on the findings of an archeological dig, or excavation. It summarizes the work done and any finds made.

What is a excavator?

EXCAVATOR are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform (known as the "house"). The house sits atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. A cable-operated excavator uses winches and steel ropes to accomplish the movements. They are a natural p ( Full Answer )

What do excavating contractors do?

Excavating contractors usually work on repairing or building highways and roads. They operate heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and backhoes. Excavating contractors also help to prepare sites for new construction. Excavating contractors perform a wide variety of tasks. These include working on bo ( Full Answer )

Is excavate a verb?

Yes, because it is an action. For example: "We are going to excavate the bones buried here in the dirt."

Where was the track excavator invented?

I recently saw an episode on the History Channel2 on, I do believe it was Modern Marvels. It started as a steam shovel on the railroad tracks for digging hillsides to further the railroad. They would dig and then lay more track. Then I do believe a company in Erie, PA eventually installed steel trac ( Full Answer )

What does CL mean on a cat excavator?

The CL is a Model designator. The C is generally the 3rd generation of that particular model machine. The L usually designates that machine as having a longer (than normal) set of crawler tracks. An example would be Cat 320CL Excavator

Is excavation a noun?

Yes, words ending in "ion" are almost always nouns. The noun excavation is a singular, common noun, a word for the act of excavating or the site of excavation, a thing.

What is excavation collage?

"At first glance, a collage of disparate images thrust together inthe same spatial plane. This is the direct result of the methodemployed by which a layered printed image is torn indiscrimanentlyto reveal parts of the image that lay just below its surface; thatis to say, apply two or more spearate i ( Full Answer )

What is the life of a 330 cat excavator?

You wouldn't want to live the life of a 330 cat excavator. It is, well, "heck". Cleaned that up a little for you more sensitive folks. But just imagine having to dig up cats all day long. I'm telling you it would make most people more than just a little bit crazy.

Why is pottery common on excavation sites?

Pottery is one of the most common pieces found as dishes of all sort were among the most commonly used articles within any society. Retrieving water, holding food, any number of reasons were used for creating pottery. This of course pertains to excavations of ancient ruins and tombs.

How much weight can an excavator lift?

Depending on the size of the excavator , 1 to 3 tons, larger excavators used in mines and road building applications can lift 5-20 tons . Mini excavators can lift smaller than a ton.

What is the classification of excavates?

Excavates are single celled eukaryotes - the domain classification is Eukaryota in the kingdom of Excavata. Slime molds fall into this category as do many other beneficial parasites.

What is the phylum of excavates?

Excavates belong to the domain of Eukaryota. Their phyla are Euglenozoa, Percolozoa, Loucozoa and Metomonada. Excavates are unicellular and the class includes many parasites.

What is excavation and excavation safety?

Basically, excavation is to dig a hole. Excavation safety is toensure that anyone working in the hole is safe from a cave-in ofthe sides, or any other accident whilst in the hole.

What is excavate as a noun?

The noun forms of the verb to excavate are excavator , excavation , and the gerund, excavating .