What is oxygen-rich blood?


Oxygen rich blood is something that everyone has. But how does it happen?

When we breathe, we take in oxygen. I'm sure you know this. But the oxygen we take does not stop at the lungs. The air is taken in and filtered. Oxygen is given to red blood cells for processing, while Carbon Dioxide is released from our bodies.

So, why the Carbon Dioxide? Well, have you heard of bodily waste? Yes, that kind... Believe it or not, but carbon dioxide is a form of waste. Above, I stated that oxygen is processed. What I mean is that our body takes what they need from oxygen and dispose of the rest. The rest being Carbon Dioxide.

So, how does the air go from being oxygen to a compound molecule?

Oxygen is used for one purpose. In our bodies, we have what are called Mitocondria. Mitocondria need oxygen to accept electrons during Aerobic Respiration, routes by which energy is released.