What is ozone layer and where is it?

Ozone:A gas with a minute concentration in our atmosphere but have importance which cannot counted in any dollar or euro. Ozone gas forms an ozone layer in the stratosphere of the earth. This ozone layer is one of the reasons for the establishment of all the species on the earth including the humans that is the homo sapiens. the ozone layer is a layer which protects the residents of the earth from the harmful UV radiations from the sun. These UV rays are highly energetic radiations which can cause a no of fatal diseases which include skin cancer, suppression of immune system ans eye cataract. Moreover not only humans but these Uv radiations can also cause harm to other forms of life. Phytoplanktons and zooplanktons are which are the 1st step of the marine food chain are prone to there radiations. These radiations also indirectly lead to other global problems which include the global warming, rise in the sea levels at an alarming rate and many more.
Thus this ozone layer acts as a blanket to the earth by protecting it from enemies and helping to perish new and more varied species.