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What is palmtop?

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A computer that is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand

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Why palmtop is called palmtop?

it is called as palmtop because it can be used on our palm

What is the common difference between PDA and palmtop?

A palmtop is a pda which is a personal digital assistant and a pda is a palmtop

What is a palmtop?

A palmtop is a term used in computing for a personal digital assistant.

Who uses a palmtop?


Which is the slowest desktop palmtop and mainframe?

The slowest is mainframe then palmtop and the fastest is desktop. Good luck! =)

Is a palmtop an input device or a output device?

A palmtop can be considered to be a host. It can be both input or output.

What are the Advantage of palmtop?


Who invented the palmtop?

dont kown

Why palmtop is invented?

idon't know

What is the weight of a palmtop computer?


Who introduces the palmtop?

it is invented by Leandu Mreesd....

Is blackberry torch a palmtop?

yes it is ok

Advantages of having a palmtop rather then a PC?


Who invented palmtop computer?

willian dela cruz

Who invented palmtop?

leandu mressed

Distingush between palmtop laptop and desktop?

Hi, A palmtop is a computer that can litraly sit in your palm. A laptop can be move around, pulged in or not pluged in. And a desktop cannot be moved and it has to be plugged it.

What are the three components of computer system?

loptop palmtop computer

What are the components of palmtop computer?

Cpu(central processing unit)

How do you classify computer based on size?


What is the smallest type of computer?

the smallest type of computer is the palmtop computer

Who palm top got their name palmtop?

because it can use in our palm

What is the difference between palmtop and laptop computer?

A palmtop is much smaller than a laptop, and is designed to be able to be used whilst holding it in your hand. Thus the phrase palmtop. Laptops are designed to be used on a desk, table, or even a lap. Laptops tend to be much larger than palmtops and much more powerful. Palmtops are designed with portability, battery life and physical size being the primary concern while laptops usually try to strike a balance between these concerns and performance. Simply put, a laptop fits in a bag, a palmtop fits in a pocket. Palmtop prices are less than laptops. palmtops are highly sensitive than the laptops.

What is a synonym for computer?

CPU, mainframe, workstation, PC, laptop, notebook, palmtop

Which of the following types of computers is considered a portable computer?


What are Disadvantages of the palmtop computer?

Disadvantages of the palmtop computers are as follows:1) It has a very small screen,small memory and sometimes limited features2) They have less functionality than desktop computers3) It's a small version of the desktop computers