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Papyrus was used about 3500 BC. by the Ancient Egyptians. They used it to write records for the Pharaohs. Traders also wrote on this Paper Payrus. They used reed like instruments to write on the Papyrus. Papyrus is an early form of paper made from the bark of trees. The Chinese used Papyrus first.
It is a thick type of paper made from the pith of the papyrus plant. First manufactured in Egypt as far back as the 4th millennium BC

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Q: What is papyrus?
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Can papyrus be eaten?

No, papyrus can not be eaten

What is a sentence for papyrus?

a sentence for papyrus iswe are studing the ancient Egyptian writing paper papyrus

What is a papyrus scroll?

The Ancient Egyptians created papyrus as a source of paper. Papyrus was made with the papyrus reed. This reed grew along the banks of the Nile and was also used to make sandals. Hieroglyhics were written on a scroll of papyrus to make a papyrus scroll.

What products did Egyptians produce?


What plant is papyrus made from?

A Papyrus Plant

What is the definition of papyrus?

Your Nose Is A Papyrus Reed.

How you make papyrus?

Well, papyrus is really a plant, but papyrus paper is woven from reeds of this plant.

Why is papyrus called papyrus?

It is the paper that is pounded from a reed that is grown along the nile that is called papyrus

What plant did the Egyptians collect to make papyrus?

Papyrus reeds that's why they call it papyrus paper

What is a papyrus boat?

A papyrus boat is a boat made from papyrus sheet. It is mainly found in America. Stone age man used papyrus for their inscriptions and arts. Papyrus excavations have been found in India

What is an example of a sentence using the word papyrus?

In ancient Egyptian times. papyrus based paintings were normal.

What is the font called that is used for Papyrus in Undertale?

papyrus is brother of sans but he always cook spaghetti and some among us sayed ur spaghetti su**s

What is a papyrus paper?

Papyrus paper is a kind of paper made by the Egyptians in the Nile Delta from a papyrus plant.

What was the materials for papyrus?

It is made from the pith of the papyrus plant.

What is the definition of papyrus reeds?

Your Nose Is A Papyrus Reed.

How are papyrus and paper related?

paper comes from papyrus

What did the Egyptian people make papyrus out of?

The Papyrus reed.

What are sheets of papyrus with spells on them called?

A papyrus scroll

What is papyrus scrolls made of?

From the pith of the papyrus plant.

When was papyrus invented?

No one invented papyrus it is a plant. But if you are a christian; God invented papyrus, Because he created the world.

How did papyrus get its name?

Papyrus didnt get its name because what it is, its just what they started calling it. There was no specific reason it is called Papyrus.

How do you papyrus in a sentence?

I went to Egypt last year. There were papyrus paintings everywhere.

Why was the papyrus so important to the Egyptians?

Papyrus was imporatant to the ancient Egyptians because it was used to make papyrus paper. And many Egyptians used papyrus paper to send messages.

What is the Latin for papyrus?

Papyrus -i, masculine or feminine; or papyrum -i, neuter.

What is the melting point of papyrus?

Not melting of papyrus but a rapid burning.

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