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It's what most doctors tend to do when they can't easily diagnose the problem with the patient. Most physicians want patients that have clear cut issues to they can be treated (and billed) quickly, then the physicians move to the next "assembly line" patient. This is obviously NOT the REAL answer to your question, but it seems to be the trend in medicine these days, and I urge anyone who feels they have been abandoned by their physician to make their issues known. You CAN find the real definition of patient abandonment via the internet - just keep looking a little further. You'll find that many cases you may THINK are abandonment are really just examples of unprofessionalism, but not truly abandonment since other options and/or doctors were available to you within a reasonable time. Yet, that doesn't mean your physician should get a "pass" for unprofessional conduct. Remember there are other ways you can let people know about the conduct of your doctor. Find out the controlling authority for physicians in your state (who provides licenses to practice medicine) and complain to them. You can also send complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce for the county where the physician does business, and there is nothing to keep you from sending letters to the local newspapers - especially small community newspapers that are typically desperate for anything relevant to print, and local organizations. Many of your letters may be dismissed and ignored, but if you send enough letters and make enough phone calls you can actually create an atmosphere of community dislike toward a particular physician (or business). Surprisingly, a single - but determined - dissatisfied client/patient can create the appearance of multiple issues just by the influx of letters by the various organizations and community officials. I'm NOT advocating you harass a doctor for a single case of misdiagnosis that was somewhat inconvenient, but not substantially damaging to you. And I'm not suggesting everyone should make a major issue over every mistake a doctor makes. They are humans and are naturally imperfect. But I AM encouraging those who have been recklessly (or selfishly) ignored by doctors or mistreated in a way that caused serious "damages" (discomfort, job loss, etc.) to STAND UP and make yourself heard because you will be helping others who will likely be treated as you have been treated unless there is some kind of intervention. Good physicians are becoming increasingly rare, and they should be respected and thanked for their contribution to the community. Bad physicians (or selfish physicians who care more about their business than their clients) should be identified so others can avoid the same experience you've had. Complaining about bad medical care is more than a right; it's a responsibility. Don't quit. Find - AND DEMAND - proper medical care, and pursue those who denied that care to you until those medical professionals are driven out of business or clean up their act. It's for the common good. Good luck.

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Q: What is patient abandonment?
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