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What is paul London and brian kendricks finisher?

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Paul London and Brian Kendrick were a WWE tag team. One of their finishing moves was a combination of London doing a dropsault while Kendrick did a sunset flip. Another finishing move was a combination of Kendrick doing a reverse STO while London did a jumping enzuigiri.

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Why did brian kendrick walk away from paul London?

they say that paul London was holding him back

Who was Marry first Paul or Eddie Kendricks?


Who was the tag team with brian kendrik?

Paul London

Paul London or Brian Kendrick?

Definitely Brian Kendrick. Definitely Brian Kendrick. BRIAN KENDRIK ALL THE WAY HE RULES

Are Brian Kendrick and Paul London coming back to WWE 2012?


How do you create brian kendrick or paul London on svr08?

You can get their formula from

Where does Eddie kendricks son paul kendericks live?


What was the name of brian kendrick and paul London team?

London & Kendrick. Although London once claimed in an interview he wanted them to be called the Hooligans.

How old Eddie kendrick youngest son paul kendrick?

When his father Eddie Kendricks died of lung cancer on October 5,1992,Paul Kendricks was 13 or 14,his sister Aika Kendricks (the only daughter & middle child of Eddie Kendricks) was 20 or 21 when her father died & their oldest brother Parris was probably 18 or 19 when their father died.

What type of wrestler is Paul London and Brian Kendrick?

they are characterized as highflyers which do all sorts of stunts.

Who is Brian Kendrick?

he is a wwe wrestler who is teamed up with paul London, they held tag team gold for almost a year unil duece and domino beat them, this started a rivalry that did not end unti paul London and brian kendrick were transferd to RAW, his full name is Brian David Kendrick, he is 28 years old, he has also adopted the nickname "spanky"

Who is ashely massaro dating?

She's dating Paul London right now wrong she is dating shannon brian moore.

Is Brian kendrick in svr 09?

Brian Kendrick is indeed in Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 but his bodyguard Jackson is not! Check the SVR 09 site for official roster updates.Brian Kendrick is in it. but he is with paul London not Jackson.

What are facts about the temptations?

1. Eddie kendricks full name is Edward James Kendricks 2. David Ruffin and Melvin Franklin are distant cousins 3. Otis williams and paul williams arnt related

Is there a singer who has a birthday on December 17?

Eddie Kendricks - the temptations Paul Rodgers - Vocalists for Free and Bad Company

Is paul London going to return to wwe?

If Brian Kendrick gets released from TNA, he will return to the WWE. When Paul London hears, he can sign a contract to the WWE. They will then be the longest holding unified tag team champions like they were with SmackDown's tag team titles.

What is the birth name of Paul London?

Paul London's birth name is Paul Michael London.

What were the names of the singing group the Tempations?

.david ruffin Eddie kendricks paul Williams Otis Williams melvin Franklin

How tall are the current members of the Temptations?

melvin franklin otis williams paul williams eddie kendricks david ruffin

Why did paul London quit WWE?

he didn't quit the wwe. he's brian kendrick's tag team partner. November 2008 He was released from his contract.

What nicknames does Paul London go by?

Paul London goes by The Excellence of Innovation.

When was Paul London born?

Paul London was born on April 16, 1980.

What is the birth name of Brian Scheffler?

Brian Scheffler's birth name is Brian Paul Scheffler.

What is the birth name of Brian Elerding?

Brian Elerding's birth name is Brian Paul Elerding.

Did Paul London die?

Paul Michael London the American professional wrestler did not die