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Q: What is peach leaf called in Telugu?
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Related questions

What is peach called in Telugu language?

The peach is called "Frötçàähgjrdildo"

What is coriander leaf called in Telugu?

This is what you call coriander leaf in telugu: Kothimera

What is bathua leaf called in Telugu?


What is bryophyllum leaf called in Telugu?

Branapala mokka

What is Telugu ganneru leaf called in English?

willow leaved water crotons

What is Coconut leaf called in Hindi?

Coconut is called Naariyal in Hindi. In Telugu it is called as Kobbarikaaya.

What is called ganneru leaf in Telugu?

willow leaved water crotons

Telugu name of peach fruit?


How do you say bay leaf in Telugu?

In Telugu, bay leaf is biriyani aku (patta aaku).

Is a peach leaf deciduous or coniferous?

peach trees are deciduous

Bryophyllum leaf Telugu meaning?

[object Object]

What is the Telugu name of rheo plant?

telugu name of rheo

What is meant by coriander leaf in Telugu?


Is the peach tree a compound or simple leaf?


How can you tell the difference between peach and apricot tree?

An apricot tree leaf is noticeably round while the peach tree leaf is longer and more slender. The apricot leaf is nearly as wide as it is long.

What you call bay leaf in Telugu?

Patta Akulu

What is gooseberries called in Telugu?

In Telugu gooseberry's called as 'usirikai'.

What are cranberries called in Telugu?

Cranberry is called Vaakaya in Telugu

Is a peach leaf simple or compound?


What is called maca in Telugu?

maasamu is the meaning in telugu.

What are Brazil nuts called in Telugu?

what is a brazil nut called in telugu

What are chia seeds called in Telugu?

Chi seeds are called visa ginjalu in Telugu.

What is wal nut called in Telugu?

what is wal nut called in telugu

What is yam called in Telugu?

Yam in Telugu called as Kanda Dumpa.

What is called walnuts in Telugu?

onkayapulusu in telugu