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Pee Wee Herman

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Q: What is pee wee's last name?
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What is pee-wees last name from kumbia all stars?

Irvin Salinas real name

Who directed pee wees big adventure?

tim burton

What is Pee Wees official Facebook?

Who is pee wees girl?

samantha Pee Wee girl is Evelyn they love each other a lot.

What was the movie version of pee wees playhouse called?

Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Movie (creative, isn't it? ... )

Why did ab quintanilla kick out pee wee?

because pee wee bought a house that his mom was livin in with him but pee wee was to young to have the house on his name so ab q. but it on his name and so that was pee wees mistake cuz ab kicked out pee wees mom out of her own sons house.of course ab has his own side of the story but its stupid.. also cause A.b. was telling Pee Wee, Memo and Roque stuff that they did not need them so yeah... but A.b. is all gay..

What role do women have in Shinto?

to lick booty and suck pee wees and do a man and bear

Pee wees big adventure tequila theme song?

Tequilla is by the band The Champs

What are the release dates for Damon Runyon Theater - 1955 The Pee Wees Take Over 2-15?

Damon Runyon Theater - 1955 The Pee Wees Take Over 2-15 was released on: USA: 25 February 1956

What is the birth name of Rusty De Wees?

Rusty De Wees's birth name is William Rusty Dewees.

How old are football pee wees?

a big 10 year old -a small 12 year old

What was the toilets name on pee-wees playhouse?

You are thinking of Dog-Chair--commonly mistaken for a toilet. While Pee Wee is fine with masturbating in a movie theater, pooping in his living room in front of his talking furniture is above him.

What size is a pee wee hockey rink?

Pee Wees play on a regulation sized ice ring. Depending onthe association, they may only use half of the rink

What does the last name Shapley mean?

It means pee/poo

Are pillow pets pee wees for babies?

Not exactly. They can be for anybody. I'm 13 and I have a pee wee! They were made for smaller children, but teens can have them because theyre cuter and they can fit in your suitcase. And theyre not much of a hassle.

How do you say be nice in dutch?

"Wees aardig" Wees = BeAardig = Nice/good

Do girls like muscles or wee wees better?

big wee wees

When was Peter van Wees born?

Peter van Wees was born in 1973.

How tall is Rusty De Wees?

Rusty De Wees is 6' 4".

When was Rusty De Wees born?

Rusty De Wees was born in Vermont, in USA.

What has the author W R Wees written?

W. R. Wees has written: 'Teacher education'

What does your last name mean peters?

my last name is peters and i want to know what it means people make fun of me because its peters it sounds like pee in the first

What is the homophone for weeds?


What is the legal age to play peewee ice hockey?

Hockey level categorizations are based on birth year. For the 2008-2009 season, Pee Wees are those born in 1996 and 1997.

What directors work covers genres including comedy drama musical fantasy animation actionadventure and superhero elements of which are throughout his film Pee-Wees Big Adventure?

Tim Burton.