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What is photograpy?


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Photography means the use of light to record an image using a camera


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It's the name of your business, like Pretty Photograpy Studio or Joe's Plumbing.

Underwater photography can be done with most regular camers with a underwater plastic body around the camera or with specific water resistant underwater cameras.

take up a hobby, suck as photograpy, knitting, an instument. they can keep ypu distracted from food and keep stress away

You have photography in journalism where you take pictures for the news people. You have photograpy for commercial where we see pictures on the billboards and tv. You have digital photography wedding pictures, graduations and school pictures.

Depends what sort of studio it is really, if its a photograpy studio, then yes its great, but if not, then not really. If its a dance studio you should think about something like "2Step" and combine the 2 and S together to make a logo :)

You would need a 2 year photography program. You can read more at

You have certain possibilities for jobs with photograpy. You can become a papparazi and photograph celebreties. Another possibility is to photograph regular people, for instance for family pictures. You can also make pictures of beautifull landscapes and sell them to magazines.

Yes, at the Tisch School of Arts you can take a degree in Photography and Imaging. Apparently, you must submit your portfolio/creative materials through the website. If you type 'Photograpy & Imaging at NYU' into Google, then you should be able to find everything you need.

because most of the battles in the war were fought in southern states so they had no first hand experience of what the battles looked like. Photograpy has just been invented and it gave the Union the pictures of what war looked like first hand.

I actually just saw is a nice documentary about Claude Monet and great food. Made me very hungry. Alice Waters is in it. Meryl Streep says some words. Very nice photograpy. I typed Monet's Palate into my computer just now..there is alot up about it. Hope this helps. Erin

Absolutely! There are many colleges that offer photography classes to their students who wish to either take them as an elective or a required course for their major subject of study. Colleges or universities that specialize in the arts would be a good place to begin your search. The following link lists several of the colleges that offer photography classes as well:

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