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Physical health and hygiene describe how a human body looks, functions, and even smells. Good physical health and good hygiene include eating right, staying healthy, exercising, and good grooming.

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Q: What is physical health and hygiene?
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Slogans of health hygiene?

Health is Wealth Maintain Hygiene, it will maintain your health ;-)

What Slogan of health and hygiene week?


What are the three greatest threats to human health?

Poor Hygiene, poor nutrition, poor physical activity.

What has the author Philip Rice written?

Philip Rice has written: 'Building for mental and physical health' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Mental health, Children

What has the author Gary Scholar written?

Gary Scholar has written: 'Fit nurse' -- subject(s): Nurses, Health and hygiene, Physical fitness, Physical Fitness

What has the author Martin Krakowski written?

Martin Krakowski has written: 'Availability and use of health services' -- subject(s): Hygiene, Public, Hygiene, Rural, Public Hygiene, Public health, Rural Hygiene, Rural health services

What is human health and hygiene?

the health of a human and how clean you are

Why hygiene important for good physical health?

For maintaining good physical health, hygiene is of paramount importance. Washing your hands before breakfast,lunch, dinner with soap is utmost important so that there is no contamination of your food from the germs carried by your hands. Similarly, if garbage piles up in your locality for days together, there is every possibility of neighbour members becoming ill. Spitting in the road or committing nuisance are also health hazards from hygiene point of view.

Is radiation a physical hazard within the context of industrial hygiene practice?

Yes, within the context of industrial hygiene (occupational hygiene), radiation is a physical hazard.

What are the effects of personal hygiene on health and well being?

describe the effects of poor personnal hygiene on health and well-being

What are possible slogan for health and hygiene?

Slogans for Health and Hygiene might include these:Give Yourself a High With Daily Showering!

What are the effects of poor personal hygiene on health and well being?

dedcribe the effects of personal hygiene on health and well being

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