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a physical quantity is either within physics that can be measured (eg:mass,volume) or the result of a measurement.a physical quantity is usually expressed as the product of numerical value and a physical sukhpreet 9th a d.p.s faridkot

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What is meant by unit of a physical quantity?

A standard use for a measurement of a physical quantity is called the unit of that physical quantity

Is distance a physical quantity?

Yes, it is a physical quantity (Fundamental)

Is pain a physical or non physical quantity?

yes pain is non physical quantity.

Does a dimensionless physical quantity have a unit?

every physical quantity has dimentions

A physical quantity that has both magnitude and directions is?

Such a physical quantity is a vector.

What physical quantity corresponds to electric current?

Electrical current IS a physical quantity.

What is the unit?

unit of a physical quantity is the established standard used for the COMPARISON of the physical quantity

What physical quantity that has a magnitude and direction?

A physical quantity where the direction is relevant is called a vector.

Which physical quantity is analogous to mass?

With your kind permission, mass is a physical quantity,and doesn't need an analog to be understood.

What is the physical quantity of area?

The physical quantity is simply called area. The official unit (in SI) is the square meter.

Is ream a abstract noun?

No, the noun 'ream' is a concrete noun, a word for a quantity of 500 sheets of paper (a physical count), or a large quantity of something (a physical quantity).

What is the physical quantity of weight?

The physical quantity of weight is Newton (N). Weight shares the same SI unit as force. ;)

What is the unit of a physical quantity which is represented by area under a velocity time graph?

the physical quantity is distance and unit is meters

What is used to describe the physical properties of matter?

physical quantity

What is the function a transducer?

Transducer is a device which converts one quantity in to another quantity........... Mostly we are using electrical transducers. That converts physical quantity in to electrical quantity. Transducers enables us to measure the physical quantity. Also they are employed in the sensors too.

What is dimensional formula?

the formula showing the relation between the unit of any physical quantity n the unit of fundamental physical quantity is called dimensional formula.........of dat quantity

What the definition of base quantities?

all physical quantity is called base quantity

Is inertia a physical quantity?

yes it is.

Physical quantity of mass?


A physical quantity described by both magnitude and direction is called what?

A physical quantity that is specified by both magnitude and direction is a vector by definition.

What does the inverse square law state?

any physical law stating that some physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.

Why current is a fundamental physical quantity?

since it is one of the physical quantites

Name the physical quantity whose SI unit is JC-1Is it a scalar or a vector quantity?

vector quantity

What is a nonphysical quantity?

a physical quantity can be measured, like mass; a nonphysical quantity cannot be measured, like feelings or happiness

Can you call a physical quantity large or small without specifying a standard for comparison?

The amount or size of physical quantity depends on two things " number and unit". Every physical quantity has its own standard for fixed amount which is called as unit. The same physical quantity with larger or smaller size is measured in different units. for example 1cm or 1m Therefore even if we have to measure same physical quantity with larger or smaller size of it we should have a standard for comparison.