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What is placebo?

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It is the sugar pill that comes with Birth Control. It's the time in which you're not taking the hormones that the birth control gives you. They're only there to keep you in the routine of taking a pill every day, and have no effect. It is the sugar pill that comes with birth control. It's the time in which you're not taking the hormones that the birth control gives you. They're only there to keep you in the routine of taking a pill every day, and have no effect.

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Why might the doctors use a placebo?

Placebo is second best remedy Placebo has therapeutic effects. Placebo has become a bandwagon effect

How do you use placebo in a sentence?

Generally as a noun.Example: He swallowed the placebo.It also works as "The Placebo Effect", and also the band Placebo.

What represented the placebo?

the pill that represented the placebo

Is paracetamol a placebo?

No. Why would someone make a placebo that you can die from?

What genre of music is Placebo?

Placebo is considered an alternative rockband.

Who is placebo lead singer?

The lead singer of the band Placebo is Brian Molko.

Does the placebo effect work?

Yes, the placebo response involves the secretion of dopamine

When was Placebo - band - created?

Placebo - band - was created in 1994.

A scientist is giving patients a sugar pill that has not medical properties what is this pill called?

A medication given in research that has no medical properties is called a placebo

Time it takes for a girl to have a period on placebo?

it should be normal if u know its a placebo but i think u might have the definition of placebo incorrect a placebo is like a sugar pill if it does what they say it will do its just your mind not the pill look it up on wikipedia

What are the ratings and certificates for Placebo - 2002 I?

Placebo - 2002 I is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What are the ratings and certificates for Placebo - 2010?

Placebo - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

When was Placebo Effect - Doctor Who - created?

Placebo Effect - Doctor Who - was created in 1998.

What actors and actresses appeared in Placebo Effect - 2012?

The cast of Placebo Effect - 2012 includes: Jessica Dewane as Gabby Rafael Omar Cruz as Dr. Placebo

What is the medical term meaning a substance that contains no active ingredient but is given for its suggestive effects?

The name for a substance that has no chemical effect is a placebo, also known as a "sugar pill."placeboplacebo

What are the placebo pills?

Placebo pills are just pills with no active ingredient in them. they are just psychological medication which does often work. they are given to patients who think they are ill but are not, it is just in their mind, so they take the placebo pill thinking it will make them better and very often it works. The word Placebo means fake. There for a Placebo pill must be a "fake" pill which basically means an empty pill.

How do you know if you received a placebo medication?

Although it is hard to tell exactly if you are given a placebo or not, here are some ways that may help: Placebo medications usually will not produce side effects. If you are experiencing no side effects while an active medication probably would produce side effects, then you may have received a placebo. If the desired effects are not occurring, then you may have received a placebo.

What is a sentence containing the word placebo?

"The guy taking the placebo didn't get the same effects as the guy that took the real medicine". or "My grandma gave me a placebo when I was little by giving me pink candy pills"

Who coined the term placebo effect?

Although the name and use of placebo treatments dates back to ancient times, the phrase 'Placebo Effect' was first mentioned by the English physician Dr. T.C. Graves who wrote in 1920 that there appeared to be a "real psychotherapeutic effect" when treating patients with a placebo.

Is placebo used to avoid harm to the volunteer yes or no?

Placebo are used for a correct testing or drugs, not for avoid harm.

What is the purpose of taking placebo?

The purpose of taking placebo is so that a person can think that they are doing the real thing. This is a pill.

What is a negative placebo effect like?

The placebo effect can have a negative influence also, a nocebo. If a placebo is given that the patient believes to be harmful to their health in some way, he or she may develop symptoms appropriate to this belief.

Can you get pregnant during the placebo week?

If you took the active BCP as directed you do not have to worry about pregnancy during the week of placebo pills.

What are the release dates for Watch This - 2005 Placebo?

Watch This - 2005 Placebo was released on: USA: 27 March 2006

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