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What is plaque?

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Plaque is a bacterial film that covers the teeth and gums. It later turns into tartar. It is best that a person brush his teeth and floss to get the tartar and plaque between the teeth.

There is also a plaque that can block arteries.

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What does plaque mean?

What does plaque mean

What gum disease is caused by plaque?


How do you use plaque in a sentence?

there was plaque in that guy's teeth.

Where might you find plaque?

Plaque is found on the teeth.

What is plaque and how can you prevent it forming?

plaque is dirt in your teeth

Does Cheese Remove Plaque?

No, cheese does not remove plaque.

Does gum remove plaque?

does poo remove plaque? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

How exercises decreases plaque in veins?

Veins do not build plaque

What does Plaque stick to?

Plaque adheres to the crevices and fissures of the teeth

What page is plaque on in A Christmas Carol?

There is no "plaque" in the original text

When was The UEFA Plaque created?

The UEFA Plaque was created in 1988.

What is plaque caused by?

Plaque is caused by a bacteria that is trying to attach itself to the surface of your teeth. This type of plaque is called a biofilm.

Do rats cause plaque?

I have heard that rats did cause the Black Plaque or the small pox. But im pretty sure it was the Black Plaque.

What causes white spots after braces?

plaque! plaque, from not brushing well.

What is the answer to the jumble word qualep?

Those letters will spell plaque.

Does plaque cause cancer?

No, plaque causes clogged arteries and veins.

What is the collective noun for the word plaque?

The collective noun is a buildup of plaque.

Why is dental plaque bad?

Dental plaque is very bad for you. This plaque breaks down the integrity of the teeth causing early tooth decay.

How can plaque harm your heart?

yes and no plaque can olny harm ur teeth so i think no plaque cant harm ur heart

How can dental plaque be treated?

Dental plaque can be removed by scaling. This can be done by your dentist

Can you make a sentence for the word plaque?

I went to the dentist and he removed the plaque from my teeth

Cures of the plaque?

For dental plaque, chemicals and dental care. For plaque in arteries, eat less fatty food exercise more, stay healthy.

What is the root words means''fatty'' or''plaque''?

which of the following root words means fatty or plaque

How can plaque harm your health?

Plaque Can lead to Heart Attacks or Strokes. It is Caused when Plaque breaks away from an Artery wall, a clot forms and the Artery is blocked.

What removes plaque?

Brushing and brushing alone is the only way to remove dental plaque! Supplements like toothpaste mouthwash etc may help strenghten your teeth but there is no way to completely remove plaque without mechanical abrasion of the plaque! Plaque is adherant to the tooth surface and there is currently nothing on the Market to remove plaque chemically. You'll be a rich man/woman if you find one... :-)