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It varies with which plastic you're making, but most are made of petroleum and/or natural gas.

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What are Nintendo's made of?

The are made mostly out of plastic.

What is the tap made of?

mostly plastic

What are toys made from?

Mostly plastic.

What is a robot made of?

Metal and plastic, mostly.

What are computer accessories mostly made out of?


What is a box or other container usually made of cardboard or plastic?

They are ususlly made out of plastic but some are cardboard too, but mostly plastic.

What is a vacuum cleaner made of?

Mostly metal and plastic.

What are high heels made out of?

depends. mostly plastic.

Is plastic natural or man made?

plastics mostly are made man made material.

Which branch of science is the main one involved when a new plastic is made?

Chemistry, because it is related to mostly what plastic is made of.

What are computers made out of?

Computers are made out of mostly plastic and other electronic hardware.

What is playmobil made of?

High-quality plastic made in Europe, mostly Germany.

What are Membranophone made of?

Mostly out of skin but the membranophones of the drum set are made out of plastic.

What are Chinese chopsticks made of?

Wood, bamboo or mostly plastic.

What are harpsichords made of?

Wood, but the keys and jacks are mostly plastic.

What is a cheese grater made of?

mostly metal but sometimes plastic

What were the Athens made up of mostly?

It was mostly made up of Greek people...

What is a harp made out of?

harps are mostly made out of wood, but the moving parts can be made out of metal or plastic.

What is the function of a swimming cap and what is it made of?

It is to keep water out of your hair. It is mostly made out of plastic.

Is paper made out of metal?

some paper is. but its mostly made out of plastic from fish guts.

What materials make up marbles?

Marbles are generally made from recycled glass. However they are occasionally made of plastic. (These are mostly used in board games and such). Mike

What planet is mostly made up of mostly water?

Earth is covered mostly in water, but is not made up mostly of water. Most of earth is made of rock.

What is plastic mostly made from?

well if your sensible you should know that it is oil.

What are trash bags mostly made of?

it might be plastic........... its my best guess.

What are wrappers made from?

mostly plastic or some kind of aluminum foil.