What is polycarbonate plastic made of?

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Depends, there are various types

All are joined by Carbon and Oxygen groups in the form -O-(C=)-0-

They can also contain Allyls or Bisphenol A
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What are plastic bags made out of?

Most commonly plastic bags or made from polyethylene with different densities. An example would be, grocery store bags are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the shiny shopping mall bags are made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPED) Welll LLDPED is veryh technical more like i cb ( Full Answer )

When was the first plastic kazoo made?

Hubert A Myers of Toledo, Ohio has two patents on the kazoo from June 1928, and from January the following year. . Confection Muscial Toy: patent 1,759,953 . Musical Toy: patent 1,751,490

How are plastic made?

Petroleum to Plastics The technological road from oil field to finished plastic product has numerous fascinating side trips. Here's the route taken in the petroleum-to-plastics process: 1. Petroleum is drilled and transported to a refinery. 2. Crude oil and natural gas are refined into ethane, ( Full Answer )

Where is plastic made?

plastic is made in factories and by a number of diffrent minerals and materials. plastic is one of the many things that takes a long time to decompose and some people say plastic can take ove 100 years to get rid of. and people think that plastic WILL be around in the future :) **I LOVE OSCAR**

Why are bicycle pedals made out of plastic?

Cheap bikes are made with cheap parts. Plastic pedals are cheap to make.. Better pedals are made out of metal.. (Worth noting: better bicycles don't come with pedals at all. This way the rider can get the pedal system that works for the rider.)

Is plastic made from oil?

Plastics such as polyethylene (food containers) and polystyrene (general plastics and styrofoam) are made from fractions of crude oil (petroleum). Polycarbonate plastics are made indirectly through the production of phosgene and its use to make acetone and bisphenol-A.

What materials are plastic made of?

Some materials plastic is made of is carbon containing compoundssuch as carbon atoms, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. Oil is also amaterial of plastic.

What objects are made from thermosetting plastics?

There are almost countless numbers of things made from thermosetting plastics. Just a single example are the plastic forks, knives and spoons that we consider as "disposable" or "single use" utensils.

Can you use Propylene Carbonate to test for internal stresses on the Polycarbonate plastic parts by dipping the part in Propylene Carbonate and look for cracks?

Yes. It is a very rigorous test. Immerse part for 3 minutes; then wash thoroughly in water. If there are no visible cracks then the part has minimal stress.. Poor mouldings will fail quickly eg less than 30 seconds.. To remove all stresses in the Polycarbonate part, heat in an oven for 15mins at 1 ( Full Answer )

Difference between polycarbonate AND regular plastic?

Poly is thinner, lighter, impact resistant, scratch resistant, and has UV protection "built in" to the lens. Plastic is slightly thicker than Poly, and I usually recommend adding a scratch coat (like TD2 or Crizal Alize) to help extend the life of the lenses. If you have a strong RX and want thi ( Full Answer )

What plastic are plastic rulers made of?

A transparent ruler may be a polycarbonate. An opaque-type ruler may be a polystyrene copolymer such as high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Recycled polystyrene can be turned into rulers, among other things.

Am i made of plastic?

No you are not made of plastic. You are made of bones, and skin. See What Are You Made Of for more information on this.

Is polycarbonate man made?

Polycarbonate is a tough and versatile plastic used in bulletproofwindows, cellphone casings and eyeglasses. Dr. Hermann Schnelle ofBayer in Germany invented the polycarbonate resin in 1953, just aweek before Dr. Daniel Fox of General Electronics made the samediscovery. Lexan is the brand name of po ( Full Answer )

What type of plastic is a plastic bottle made from?

Plastic bottles may be molded from any of dozens, or even hundredsof common plastic resins. Most commonly, however, bottles forhealthcare and science are molded from polypropylene and drinkbottles are typically molded from PET.

Why are things made of plastic?

The material properties are suitable for the purpose,(color, shape, corrosion resistant....) and they're cheap to make.

What kind of plastic are barbies made of?

With most dolls, the head and legs are soft vinyl and the torso and arms are hard plastic. However, many of the posable dolls have both arms and legs made of hard plastic since the elbows and knees are jointed.

Why is a recorder made of wood or plastic?

Thats a tough one....well....the recorders were originally made from wood(like alot of instroments), they may not of sounded good when they made it medal. It could also be that the recorder isn't that hard to play so they didn't make it medal. I'm not sure, I'm just brainstorming, hope this helped!( ( Full Answer )

Why is the pan handle made of plastic?

The first and last answers simply are not correct, nor do theyanswer your question. The second, middle question is much better,but it does not fully answer your question either. If a metal pan with a plastic handle is put in the oven at, let'ssay, 350 deg., then the temperature of the entire pan, me ( Full Answer )

Why are horse shoes not made of plastic?

Some special horse shoes are made of plastic. Glue on shoes can be made of plastic. Also, special boots that take the place of a horse shoe are also made of plastic. . Plastic horseshoes would crack very easily, and are not as easily molded to a horses foot. Metal horseshoes are easier in gene ( Full Answer )

What are plastic cups made from?

plastic cups are 100% made of plastic and is made of polymer. polymer are substances containing a large number of structural units joined by the same type of linkage.

How is polycarbonate plastic used in mobile phones?

Polycarbonate is naturally transparent, with the ability to transmit light nearly that of glass. It has high strength, toughness, heat resistance, and excellent dimensional and colour stability. Flame retardants can be added to polycarbonate without significant loss of properties. It is used for the ( Full Answer )

What is Polycarbonate Plastic used for in a mobile phone?

To protect your phone from breaking, but obviously if you throw it off a cliff it will break and if you leave it in a pool of water it will break to because the water will slowly get through the gaps of plastic.

What type of plastic is made from corn?

New technology was able to process starch into methylglucoside, a biodegradable plastic. This corn plastic breaks down after being buried in landfills for only seven months, while oilbased plastic never breaks down completely.

How is a plastic bottle cap made?

Many plastics bottle caps are made out of HDPE or PP. The material is heated and in most cases injection molded or compressed molded.

Is raincoat made of plastic?

some are. Those are usually the less expensive ones though. Better raincoats are made out of a mixture of plastic, rubber, and fabric. It just depends on what you're getting.

Where do plastic bags go after they are made?

I'm pretty sure that there shipped off in a plane or a truck to stores and/or super markets. May I suggest the following. There's a place for plastic bags to go to after they are made; even before they are shipped to various places. That place could be the Packaging and Crating facility; then to ( Full Answer )

What are plastic tables made of?

Plastic tables are made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Besides being made fresh from raw material, it can also be made from used products such as plastic containers and even plastic bags that we throw away without the merest thought. Therefore bear this in mind: if we don't recycle, we'r ( Full Answer )

Why a helmet is made of plastic?

It's strong enough for the purpose, cheap to manufacture, fairly light and easy to design in selling colors and shapes.

Which material is plastic made of?

Petroleum actually, its one of the few substances that is totally immune to water, that's why plastic is so useful, but it also means that it doesn't break down easy, UV rays from the sun break it down slowly into very small bits floating around in the oceans.

Why is everything made of plastic?

Because when a company wants to sell something, they will always have competition with other companies selling the same product. To attract customers the company must lower their price, but if they reduce their price their profits will also be reduced. Hence, they must use a cheaper material to buil ( Full Answer )

Why is raincoat made of plastic?

Not all of them are, But for those who are, plastic is a good choice. It's water proof, inexpensive and easy to work with.

Is electric guitar made of plastic?

There are many different types of electric guitars, and they are made with a variety of materials, including plastic.

Is butter made out of plastic?

No, butter is milk fat. It's made by agitating cream until the fat separates from the whey in the cream.

Why is the outside of a wire made of plastic?

Plastic is a bad conductor and a good insulator. When it is wrapped around wire(s) with an electric current flowing through them, it prevents the electricity from getting out and shock our skin (a good conductor of electricity), so plastic is all for safety.

Why is LEGO made of plastic?

Lego is made out of plastic for a variety of reasons. Here are some: 1. Plastic is cheap, and easy to mould. 2. Plastic is safe in the aspect that you can't get harmed by it (unless you eat it). 3. Plastic can be reused and is damage-proof.

What is the yield strength of polycarbonate plastic?

The yield stress of any plastic is usually not use to describe the material because all plastics yielding stress is a function of the rate at which it is loaded and its temperature. For example if you leave something like silly putty on the corner of a table it will eventually creep over the edge of ( Full Answer )

What plastic is a plastic waterbottle made from?

Usually polyethylene terephthalate, which has four advantages: it is easy to work with, it is very inexpensive, it is food safe and the companies that make it make a LOT of it, so you can get all you need.