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Posterior herniation is when a disc in the spine becomes damaged and bulges outward from the spinal column toward the back. Common causes are work related injury and age.

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Degenerative disc disease of L5-S1?

Posterior left paracentral disc herniation at L5-s1 superimposed on concentric disc bulging. That's what I have

What is posterior disc herniation of the L5-S1 impinging on the anterior aspect of the spinal cord?

Posterior means "rear" - Anterior means "front. What the report is saying is that the L5/S1 disk is herniated at the back of the disk (posterior) and is impinging on the front of the spinal cord as a result. This is very common for that particular disk, as well as the L4/5 disk.

What is a herniated disc with a subligamental tear mean?

You have posterior longitudinal ligament on the back side of the body of the vertebrae and discs. So there is herniation of the nucleus pulposus, coming out of the tear in the annulus fibrosus.

What does superimposed broad-based left paracentral disc herniation mean?

what is superimposed right paracentral disc protrusion measures 1.3 cm transverse and 3.5 cm anterior-posterior mean?

What is the medical term meaning herniation of the iris?

Iridocele is herniation of the iris.

Broad central herniation of the disc with impingement on the the-cal sac?

A broad herniation means that at least 25% of the disc is affected. A central herniation means that the herniation is toward the spinal column. A broad central herniation of the disc with impingement on the thecal sac is a herniation in which a large portion of the disc is protruding toward the spinal column and is pressing against the membrane which surrounds the spinal cord.

What is a T1-T2 disc herniation?

A T1-T2 disc herniation is a herniation that happens in the middle or lower back. This will cause extreme pain and possible numbness in the limbs.

What is cystorectocele?

Cyst means bladder or sac, rect means rectum, and cele means hernia or protrusion. A cystocele is herniation of the bladder, and rectocele is herniation of the rectum. Put together, cystorectocele is herniation of the urinary bladder and rectum (usually referring to herniation into the vagina.)

What is the suffix for herniation?


What is the medical terminology combining form meaning herniation?

-cele is the medical terminology combining form meaning herniation.

What is a Ventral Disc herniation?

A herniation toward the front of the body. Since there are no nerves or spinal cord to compress there, these are typically asymptomatic.

What is mild disk desiccation and minimal diffuse disk bulge?

Mild disc desiccation and minimal diffuse disc bulge is a minimal herniation of a disc in the back. These bulges mostly occur in the cervical and lumbar spine.

What is a cystocele?

Cystocele is herniation of the bladder.

What is herniation of the spinal cord?


What is a liver herniation is called?


What is central and right posterolateral disc protrusion spur complex?

It is descriptive term for the degenerative spine on CT or MRI. Central disk herniation means a central and posterior protrusion of disk material. Posterolateral disc protrusion indicates herniation of disk along the posterolateral margin of the disk to the spinal canal. Disc spur complex denotes a combined degenerative process with which the protruded disk is accompanied with adjacent bone change with spurring.

What results from herniation of the brain stem?

Death or permanent debilitation follows herniation of the brain stem.Such herniation will cause compression of those structures within the brain stem that control the most vital functions of the body (breathing, heart beat, consciousness).

Where are most extensors located?

posterior posterior

What is posterior to the nose?

The nasopharynx is posterior to the nose.

Is the thymus located anterior or posterior?


Is the heart posterior or lateral to the lungs?


Herniation of a cranial or spinal membrane?


Does disc herniation affect the hips?


Herniation of the urethra is what type of disorder?


What is the medical term for herniation of the ureter?


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