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hydroelectric power

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Q: What is power generated by moving water called?
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What does hydropower means?

power generated from waterHydro-power is the energy generated by the force of moving water.It is a renewable source of energy as the water on earth is replenishing continuously by precipitation. This is called the water cycle.

What is the definition of hydro power energy?

Energy generated from moving water.

Electric energy generated from moving water is called?

Electric energy generated from a water source is typically known as hydroelectric energy.

What type of power generated by flowing water?

Its normally called Hydro-power. Hydroelectricity

What is power created by moving water called?

it is called friction

Is generated using moving water?


What is the name given to electrical power generated from water turbines?

Electricity generated by water power alone is hydroelectric power.

What is the name given to electricity generated by water moving through a turine?

"Hydroelectric power" is most widely used, but "hydroelectricity" is recommended.

What is the definition of hydro energy?

Energy generated from moving water.

The energy of moving water converted to electricity is called?

hydro, or hydroelectric power.

Where is Auckland city's power generated from?


What are four of examples of renewable resources?

Hydroelectricity (generated from water), geothermal electricity (generated from the landmass), solar thermal power (generated from the sun) and wind power. (generated from wind)