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PRECISION JOURNALISM is simply the application of social and behavioural science research methods to the practice of journalism. It is applying social science research methods to the problems of news gathering in an increasing complex society. With intent to make inferences, comparism between phenomena or variables.

Precision journalism is the application of science information finding methods to obtain information from sources with a view to disseminating accurate, error-free information to the public in an easy and understandable manner.

The tools of sampling, computer analysis and statistical inference increased the traditional power of the reporter without changing the nature of the mission to find the facts, to understand them, and to explain them without wasting time.
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What is precision grip?

A precision grip is the way you grab an object between the opposedtactile pads of the tips of the thumb and the fingers. Tactile padsare areas of the skin that are especially sensitive to pressure.

What is journalism?

Journalism is reporting news or experiences in the form of writing reports, taking photographs or video for the press or television.

What are journals?

Journals are regular periodic publications, usually dedicated to a specific profession or discipline. They usually are published monthly or quarterly, and they are usually in the form of a magazine, although the obvious exception is the Wall Street Journal, which is in the form of a newspaper. Some ( Full Answer )

How to measuer Precision?

Answer . The precision of anything can be measured using a suitably accurate measuring device appropriate to the task. For instance a one metre measuring rod may be accurately measured as being 995mm by a suitably accurate measuring device. The rod will always give a precise measurement, if exter ( Full Answer )

What is precision machinery?

Answer . shaving down the heads on an automobile is the easiest way to explain it but anything that requires very specific and delicate cuts. It is definatly an art and machinest useally doesnt get enough credit.

What is journal?

The journal is a kind of newspaper or magazine that is aprofessional activity or intellectual magazine and published on aregular schedule. It can also be a record of the daily happeningsin the life of a certain person.

What is Limit of precision?

Answer . The precision of something just means that the result can be repeated again and again. Everytime you repeat an experiment, you will get the same result.. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the results are accurate! Your measurments, results, whatever can be very precise, but complet ( Full Answer )

What does precision mean?

Precision means about the same thing as accuracy. It defines the possible or actual deviation from the exact answer. For example, the precision of a numerical value depends on how many significant digits are used, and the possible deviation in measurement from the smallest value given.

Precision refers to?

Precision refers to how close one's results are to each other. Accuracy on the other hand refers to how close one's results are to the true value. Think of a target, precision would be how tight the grouping of the arrows was, while accuracy would be how close one was to the bullseye. To clarify, be ( Full Answer )

What is precision machining?

Precision machining is a process where material is removed from a component to a very high tolerance. The tolerance held depends on the machine but most percision CNC machines will not have a problem holding a tolerance of 0.002" or 0.005 MM (ish). Precision Machining can be classed as Milling, Turn ( Full Answer )

Examples of precision?

Precision and accuracy are different. For example, if you shoot darts and all of them miss the target, but are close together, they are precise.

What is precising definition?

The word precise means marked by exactness and accuracy ofexpression or detail. It can also be used to emphasize that one isreferring to an exact or particular thing.

How do you calculate precision?

Accuracy describes the correlation between the measured value and the accepted value. The accuracy of a measurement, or set of measurements, can be expressed in terms of error: . The larger the error is, the less accurate is the measurement.. Precision describes the reproducibility of a measure ( Full Answer )

What is a precise noun?

I may not be right, but based on what I've heard, a precise noun is like you use a name instead of using person, or you can say a monkey instead of an animal. Basically, it's being specific on what you want to say, Ex/ John is really helpful for he helped me a lot with my computer, homework, and som ( Full Answer )

Meaning of precise?

It means-exact, specific or more accurate. example: can you be more precise on your answer?

What does precisely mean?

Precisely usually means exactly, e.g. meaning exactly what is saidor heard, exactly as designed, etc. It can mean done in a detailed manner (e.g. precisely aligned,precisely calibrated). Precisely and accurately are often usedinterchangeably, but they do not mean exactly the same thing.

What is precise diction?

precise diction - a style of speech and writing so far as it concerns the choice of words and phrases

What is a precise measurement?

A precise measurement is an exact measurement.How long,how tall how wide.. EXAMPLE-12X5X24 Precision refers how close measurements of the same thing are toeach other. A precise measurement is one that is similar or thesame as previous measurements. A precise measurement does not needto be accurate. ( Full Answer )

Is WikiAnswers precise?

\nDefinitely without a doubt Wiki Answers are NOT always precise. Since people just post what they THINK is right it could be wrong. Some people find the answers on the internet and the internet is not always accurate. Some people post an answer that is correct but not necessarily precise. It mi ( Full Answer )

What is precision pH?

pH meters are precise to +/- 0.1 to +/- 0.01 pH unit (+/- 6 to +/- 0.6 mV) qith a full-meter scale of 14 pH units (about 840 mV)

What is a precision instrument?

Precision means accuracy. A precision instrument is a top quality one that is super-accurate. You can get an instrument that will just do the job, or you can spend extra money and get a precision instrument that will be perfect. Many measuring devices are precision instruments because they must be t ( Full Answer )

What is journalism about?

Journalism is about reporting on the biggest news stories, but it is also about covering life in your city or town. Journalists, sometimes also called "reporters," provide information about politics, sports, entertainment, and current events. Some journalists write for a newspaper or magazine, other ( Full Answer )

What is the precision of a number?

The number of digits in a number is known as precision of a number.Depending on the precision required, the number is quantized togive the final number.

What is a precise measurment?

There are two components to measurement. Accuracy and Precision Accuracy of an instrument is the ability to get the right value of the measurement. Precision of the instrument tells us how low the variance of the reading can be. An accurate tape to measure distance would give you 5 feet for a 5 f ( Full Answer )

What is the noun for precise?

The noun form for the adjective precise is preciseness . A related noun form is precision.

What is the deffinion of precision?

the answer is Exact or accurate smaller the unit or fraction of a unit used in measuring more precise than a measurement to the nearest foot

What is a precise cursor?

It is cross hair. Cross hair will help you to precisely paint with brush tool for example, instead of brush tip you will see cross hair while painting.

What is the precise cursor?

One where it crosses and its supposed to be more precise looking. It usually has something similar to a + at the top corner

What can you do with a journal?

You could take notes, write important information, make paper airplanes, hurt someone, use it to keep a fire going, or even destroy a valuable and fragile object like a 97-year old vase.

What is precision and accurancy?

Precision is how to keep track of good a measuring device is. Accuracy is how close an answer is to being correct. Something can be precise but not accurate. Something can be accurate but not precise.

What are precision moves?

Percision moves are moves which are extremely accurate and fast ad effective. Hope this helps. A$

What is non-precision?

Since precision refers to being as exact as possible, non-precision (or imprecision ) is the idea of approximating the right answer or measurement to some degree. The greater the approximation, the larger the chance that the incorrectness of the answer matters. No one, for example, would w ( Full Answer )

What is precision microtome?

A device for slicing ultra thin slices, called sections - hence sectioning - from a solid block of sample for viewing under microscopes. They used to be precision, but the latest is ultra-precision: current models can and do section at the level of 20,000 sections per millimeter!

Precise in a sentence?

These directions were not too precise, I got lost twice on my way. Perfectionists live in a precise life.

What do prEcise verbs do?

Precise verbs basically replace the more commonly used verbs to further clarify an action...here's an example...if i say i got a phone...it is very general but if instead i say i bought a phone or i stole a phone it would be a better choice.

What is a precision diode?

A precision diode is a diode with 0V (or near 0V) voltage drop when forward biased, unlike a normal diode which has a finite forward voltage drop of typically 0.2 to 0.8V depending on diode technology. It is typically implemented with an Operational Amplifier that has a normal diode somewhere in it' ( Full Answer )

Can you be accurate but not precise?

Yes you can be accurate but not precise and vice versa. Think about trying to hit the bull's eye of a dart board or target. You could throw a dart 5 times and hit the same spot 5 times (very precise) but hit far away from the center (not very accurate). You could throw 5 times and get near the cente ( Full Answer )

What is precision resistor?

A precision resistor is a resistor that has an actual value that is very close (or precise) to its nominal (or stated value). Therefore, precision resistors have a very degree of accuracy of being very close to their nominal values.

What is a precision square?

A piece of metal or composite material that is formed into a 90 degree angle used to find angular measurements.

How precise is your measurement?

It depends on the measuring instrument that you use (including its calibration), how careful you are, how many measurements you take, whether or not you have allowed for external factors that could affect your measurement.

Is precise the adjective form of precision?

The word precision is both a noun and an adjective; examples: Adjective: Acme makes precision instruments . Noun: Acme makes instruments with precision . The noun form for the adjective precise is preciseness.

How do you spell precises?

The adjective is "precise" (accurate). The noun is "precision." The astronomical term would be "precesses" (subject to precession). The similar plural words are "processes" (actions as part of an activity) and "princesses" (more than one princess).

What are chinchillas precisely?

Chinchillas are classified as rodents but they live in colonies and care for their young longer than other rodents. They are a South American animal that is often raised there for food and their pelts. In American and Canada they are available at pet stores.

What describes precision?

Precision is the degree of accuracy, exactness and distinctness ofsomething. For instance, when referring to a dollar amount, one might say anitem costs $4.00 when the precise amount is actually $3.99. Another example might be when you are looking to purchase a house,if you want a 2-car garage, yo ( Full Answer )

What is precision agriculture?

Precision agriculture is one of many modern farming practices thatmake production more efficient. With precision agriculture, farmersand soils work better, not harder. is one of numerous cutting edgecultivating rehearses that make creation more proficient. Withexactness horticulture, agriculturists ( Full Answer )

Is precise an adjective?

Yes, it is. It is generally used as a synonym for "accurate" butthe two are technically not referring to the same characteristic ofa measurement.