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What is prehistoric age?

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The earliest relics of man's existence in Europe are roughly chipped implements and weapons of flint and stone, of horn and bone, the latter frequently resembling those used by the modern Esquimaux and the former similar to those still used by absolutely savage races. Of a later date are other stone implements carefully finished and polished. There is a gap, or "hiatus," between the age of rough stone implements, the Paleolithic time, and the " age of polished stone" the Neolithic time.* The highly vigorous drawings of animals on bone or ivory which belong to the Paleolithic age are not found in the later age of polished stone.

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Was stone age prehistoric or historic?


Where the bronze age was established?

prehistoric age

What has the author Kristian Kristiansen written?

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Why is the prehistoric era also referred to as the Stone Age?

TWhy is the prehistoric era also referred to as the Stone Age?ype your answer here...

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Are two parts of the Stone Age the Old Stone Age and the Prehistoric Stone Age?

All of the Stone Age was prehistoric. When it is divided into two parts they are the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) and the new Stone Age (Neolithic).

How do archeologists gain information about prehistoric people?

they learnd about prehistoric by artirfacts, check of age and location.

What is the name of the prehistoric ice age?


What is Archaepteryx?

A Jurrasic age prehistoric bird.

Which prehistoric period followed the Stone Age and preceded the Iron Age?

Bronze Age

Did cows exist in the prehistoric age?

Yes. The Auroch and the Celtic Longhorn, among a few other ancient bovine species, did exist in the prehistoric age.

What is another name for the Prehistoric Era?

Another name for the prehistoric era is "Stone Age." Prehistoric era is the period of time before writing systems were invented.

What is the meaning of living in the old stone age?

Living in the Prehistoric Era or Age

What animal is scrat of ice age?

he is a prehistoric squirrel

What prehistoric era had cave men?

Paleolithic Age

Where is Prehistoric art?

In some Stone Age caves.

What has the author Paul Pettit written?

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What is the average age of a turtle in prehistoric times?

150 years

How did prehistoric man measure heights in the Stone Age?

By comparison.

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When was the prehistoric age?

It was before BC and it was when people could not record history

What are some names from Paleolithic times?

We have no record of Paleolithic names, words, or even events. The Paleolithic Age is prehistoric. Prehistoric means we have no historic record.

What events happened in the prehistoric age?

Volcanic eruptions, continental drifts, evalution

How did the ice age affect prehistoric people?

By and large it pushed them further south.