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Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs. It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication and so on. In addition, workers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure. Recent technological advances in tools for inspection and diagnosis have enabled even more accurate and effective equipment maintenance. The ideal preventive maintenance program would prevent all equipment failure before it occurs.
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Why is it important to have a preventive maintenance plan?

Answer . The answer is time and money. Preventive maintenance reduces downtime and cost associates with hardware failures and software obsolescence. Preventive maintenance helps provide high level of availability of system function and obtains great return on investments of hardwares and softwar ( Full Answer )

What are the goals of preventive maintenance?

The goals of preventive maintenance are to reduce the likelihood that the events that cause PC failures will occur and to lessen the damage if they do.

What are preventive maintenance activities for institutional buildings?

There are a lot of different preventative maintenance activities a company can pursue. Most of these are offered by building maintenance companies. Some of the services include HVAC repair and maintenance, parking lot sweeping, pest control, snow removal and custodial services. For some examples of ( Full Answer )

How you carry out preventive maintenance of a computer?

You do preventative maintenance in two stages, hardware and software. First hardware, clean screen, outside of case and keyboard with a mild soap and water. Second open up your system unit and clean out all of the dust with a can of air. Dust accumulates on the wires and causes a thermal affect whic ( Full Answer )

What is a preventive Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance Software effectively manage the subsequent modules like Labour, Vendor/Contractor, Time sheet, Training, Equipment, Reports, Scheduler, Work Order and etc.. in one package. Time Save, Decrease downtime and Increasing uptime, save cash and cut back labour, elements and Over Tim ( Full Answer )

How do you set up a preventive maintenance schedule for a condominium community?

Depending on the age and condition of the commonly owned real estate assets, the board may decide to bring all assets up to a maintenance standard. If the condominium is a new development, the developer should recommend a maintenance schedule with a list of tasks. Another option is to produce a m ( Full Answer )

What preventive maintenance is needed for a Honda accord at 90000 miles?

\nOn 2002 and older Accords it is critical that you replace the cam belt at 90,000 miles. On the 2003 and up Accord replace the cam belt on the V6 at 110,000 miles. The 4 cylinder has a timing chain and no maintenance is necessary. The Accord is an interference engine and as such if the belt breaks ( Full Answer )

What is the comparison of total preventive maintenance and total productive maintenance?

There is no comparison, but there is a connection. First of all, there is no such thing as Total Preventive Maintenance. There is a well consolidated Plant Maintenance discipline called Preventive Maintenance . There are other names for this discipline, for instance: SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE -- PERIOD ( Full Answer )

Difference between scheduled and preventive maintenance?

Schedule maintainance ,maintainance will be done in a proper schedule. E.g like maintain a monthly schedule of maintainance record dat much bulb has been changed after a every 3years or if any fault happen in between it should be change or replace.

Why is preventative maintenance important for heating and air conditioning systems?

It is important if you hire an honest HVAC specialist. For the furnace or boiler He supposed to check CO2 and gas leak. Check your burner housing for cracks, check any water leaks or its possibility. Clean your burners and check the flue pipe for the proper exhaust. Oil the blower (for older models ( Full Answer )

What is active preventive maintenance of a PC?

You can perform maintenance on your PC every so often by doing a scan disk. Then do a defrag and a virus scan. This can help keep your PC running fast and smooth.

How is preventive maintenance conducted?

Cleaning your computer out and making sure that the inside of your case is always clean so that your computer doesn't overheat and runs right.

What preventative maintenance is needed for a 2002 Honda Accord?

Depends on the mileage on the vehicle. This is an interference engine and as such, if the cam belt breaks there will be serious engine damage. On the 4 cylinder replace the cam belt, balance shaft belt, & water pump, which is driven by the cam belt at 105,000 miles. On the V6 replace the cam belt & ( Full Answer )

What is passive preventive maintenance?

Passive preventive maintenance is done in the area of prevention around thecomputer. for example : the table determined the net before doingmaintenance on, the temperature and humidity make sure not too hot orhumid, the computer is not too near the window causes the dust on the computer. is an exam ( Full Answer )

What is preventive maintenance of buildings?

Preventative maintenance of buildings includes numerous services related to HVAC maintenance, floor maintenance, roof repair, irrigation maintenance, plumbing repair and more. These services allow you to save money on some more expensive costs down the road. If you pursue preventative and regularly ( Full Answer )

What are five passive preventive maintenance procedures and why they are important?

PC failures are caused by many different environmental and human factors. Five passive preventive maintenance procedures involve heat, dust, magnetism, power supply problems, and static electricity. Heat - Keep temperature between 70 and 74 degrees to prevent components from overheating Dust - Us ( Full Answer )

What is the top preventative maintenance software used by businesses in 2011?

MPulse CMMS software claims to be the top preventative maintenance software. Although they are a good choice, it's hard to say if they are the top one, as different companies offer different options at different prices, and each user's needs are slightly different. So shop around!

Are preventative maintenance software reliable?

"Preventative manintenance software can be reliable but it depends on the brand and type you purchase. Anti-virus software or internet security software are really good preventive programs. Norton Internet Security serves to protect from internet attacks and scans your computer to check for viruses, ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between preventative and remedial computer maintenance?

Preventative, is action taken to stop something unwanted happening. Remedial, is action taken to fix a problem after it occurs. Installing user-control software software on a computer is preventative - it stops unauthorised people using the computer. Running regular disc diagnostic software is re ( Full Answer )

How does preventive maintenance effect in your life?

Preventive maintenance can help keep you healthy,like going to the doctor for checkups to make sure your blood pressure is where it should be . Also try to keep stress level low.

How often should Stihl blowers get preventative maintenance?

Stihl blowers are popular types of leaf blowers that helps to save time and energy on yard work and chores that has to do with moving or cleaning up leaves or dirt. The Stihl blowers should get preventative maintenance yearly to ensure lengthy lives.

What is preventive maintenance of 4 wheeler?

Change the oil/filter. Clean the air filter or replace it ifnecessary. Lube the chain if equipped. Grease any points with agreese fitting. Check air pressure in all tires. Tighten any loosebolts. Clean it up and inspect it for any items that needattention.

What is a primary benefit of preventive maintenance on a PC?

Preventive maintenance which includes cleaning your system and keeping it away from the hazards. This will help you to prevent the computer from major damages like burnt motherboard due to short circuits and heating. This saves from making expenses on repairs .

What does preventive maintenance primarily involve?

Your question is pretty vague so unfortunately my answer will bevague as well. It really depends on what type of system you havethat is getting pm'd, and how thorough the contractor doing thework is. Generally air filters, fuel filters, tightening electricalconnections, checking voltage / amperage, ( Full Answer )

What type of preventative maintenance is used on a hard drive?

The maintenance tasks for hard drive deal more with optimising itsstorage than cleaning. The preventive maintenance tasks for a harddrive involve the following: . Back-up the data . Run diagnostics like Scandisk and manufacturers' diagnostictools. . Defragment the drive; . Disk Defragmenter ->> ( Full Answer )