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Depending on supplier 10-12p

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Q: What is price of electricity per kilowatt-hour in the UK?
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What is price of Electricity per KWH in UK?


What is the average price of gas electricity?

The average price of gas and electricity varies from location to location and service provider. In the UK, with British Gas, the average price is _«£131 per month for both.

What is price of Electricity per KWH in UK 2012?

A round number is £0.12 in the day and £0.06 at night.

What is the average UK electricity price per kwh?

It varies a lot according to price plan, but a figure of between 8.5 and 11.5 pence per kWh would be accurate in December 2008

Where can one compare the electricity price offered by various UK suppliers?

There are several places where someone could compare the electricity price offered by various UK suppliers. Websites such as,, and ukpower, both compare prices of various electricity providers in the UK.

What is the average cost of electricity per kWh in the UK?

About 10 pence per kWh.

How much electricity does the UK use per day?

25'000'000 m/H per day

How much is the average electricity bill in the UK?

The average price of an electricity bill of someone living in the United Kingdom is about 600 euros, although the price will vary depending on the size of the flat/house/building.

What is the price per therm for LNG in the UK?

That depends on who your supplier is ! Every supplier will set their own price.

How much does honey sell for per lb?

1.39 per lb The retail price in the UK for UK produced honey is around £5 per pound.

What is the Price per square foot in central London?

The price is 200 pounds per square foot. London is more expensive than the UK.

Average petrol price 1950 UK?

The average petrol price in 1950 in UK was about $36 per gallon. However, the prices have kept fluctuating over the years but there has been a significant price of the same.

How much was petrol in UK in1989?

Average price was about £1.75 per gallon.

Average electricity use?

. . in the UK is 650 watts per person, averaged over a year.

What is the price of scrap copper in the UK?

Around 3200 per MT in UK funds. Prices do fluctuate on a daily basis

What is the price of a slice of berad?

In the UK, from 3 pence per slice to 10 or more pence per slice.

What is the electricity Hz in the UK?

The frequency that electricity is generated at in the UK is 50 Hertz.

What is the average electricity bill for people in Britain?

The average electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh per is average UK electricity bill is £669.60

Does the current price of electricity per kWh in the UK in 2014 include standing charge and VAT?

Prices are quoted with and without VAT, and the standing charge is also quoted, you just ask for whichever form you want the information in.

What is the price of wheat flour per ton in UK?

How much does a tonne of flour cost

What is the price of scrap aluminum in the UK?

Current prices of aluminum scrap in the UK are around $455 per MT. This price will vary depending on the grade of aluminum scrap you have as well as the price does vary on a daily basis with commodity pricing.

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How much per linear meter of 75mm hdr pipe?

It depends on the price (given by the supplier or shop) per metre of the pipe. One UK company on the internet gave a list price £11.10 per metre.

What is the price of gas in the UK?

Petrol is £1.30=$2.11 per litre and diesel is £1.38=$2.24