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Lichens and mosses, small herbs and shrubs, pine and spruce, fir and birch. Primary succession refers to the ecological and biological process whereby all life is wiped out because of the events like glaciations.

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Is Secondary succession can happen after primary succession or independently of primary succession?

Secondary succession can happy after primary succession . Secondary can be independent but is not usually independent from primary succession.

What is the rate of Primary succession in a tundra biome?

The primary succession of a Tundra biome is that it is a primary succession not a secondary.

Is a volcanic eruption secondary succession or primary succession?

It's primary succession!

Name the four stages of primary succession?

primary succession, ecological succession, substrate, and secondary succession

What does primary succession start with?

Primary succession starts with rock.

What is the different between primary and secondary succession?

There are seven differences between primary and secondary succession. Some of the major ones are that secondary succession is faster than a primary succession and primary succession begins where there is no soil present.

How do you put primary succession in a sentence?

Here's a short sentence for the word primary succession - Primary succession depends on the slow weathering of rock.

Does primary succession happen faster than secondary succession?

Secondary succession happens faster than primary succession. Primary succession begins with a volcanic-type setting, so it will take the land more time to create soil. Primary succession takes years and years.

What are examples of primary succession in the tundra?

according to my research ecological succession and biological succession of plant life is the two primary succession in tundra.

Sentence for primary succession?

Primary succession is biological and ecological succession of plant life. This can be in one or two plants.

Which take longer primary succession or secondary succession?

primary takes longer

What is the time frame of primary succession?

It takes about 1,000 years for primary succession.

Why is secondary succession faster than primary succession?

I takes longer for primary succession than secondary succession to go back to its original state

Examples of primary and secondary succession?

primary succession is the succession taking place at venu where ecosystem no existed. secondary succession . example.harvesting, floods etc.

How does successional stages differ from primary succession?

The succession stages differ from primary succession as the stages are nothing more than mere points of succession. Meanwhile, primary succession is considered to be a complete success and not just a point in success.

Which takes longer primary succession or secondary succession Explain?

primary succession cuz it has 2 break down soil

What are the two types of ecological succession?

- `Primary succession & Secondary succession '.

What are two types of succession?

Primary Succession and Secondary Succession

What are the communities in a successional sequence of primary succession?

The communities in a successional sequence of primary succession?

What is primary succession Explain the process in detail?

primary succession is the sequence of communities forming in an origanally lifeless habitat.Primary succession is the first formation of the ecological sucession.

What is one difference between primary and secondary succession?

Primary succession begins with the trees and secondary succession begins with lichens

Which type of succession takes the longest?

primary succession

What would be followed by secondary succession?

Primary succession. Follow the answer to "What is secondary succession?".

Is lichen grows on barren rock in the tundra a primary or secondary succession?

YES it is a primary succession

What type of succession takes place after devastation from a tsunami in an established ecosystem?

Primary Succession