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What is primitive science?

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There is no such thing as primitive science. The same laws of science apply today as they do for yesterday and tomorrow! The word science really means 'knowledge'. Most of the time we use the word to refer to the specific methodologies and systems that are involved in experimental research. So Primitive Science can mean 'primitive knowledge'. See link.

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What is a brief discussion of the primitive science?

Primitive science is the background of early chemistry and alchemy.

What are the 3 main contribution of primitive man to science?

Fire, tools, and art

What people influenced the world in many fields such as philosophy and art and science?

Primitive people

What is the practitioner of primitive science that aimed to change base metals into precious metals?


Who is the older science or technology?

Technology was first created during the time of primitive humans, but science was created even before the Universe existed

What was medical science like 100 years ago?

Much more primitive than it is today!

Is the most primitive organism a frog?

The most primitive, if you will, organism would be a single-celled microorganism, a member of the domain Archaea. An amoeba is one example of a single-celled microorganism. In some fields of science the terms "primitive" and "advanced" have been replaced with "simple" and "complex" as the word primitive is mainly a reference to evolutionary timescale.

Do all early mammals lay eggs?

There is no such thing as an "early mammal". Monotremes lay eggs, but there is a misconception that monotremes are the most primitive of mammals. Science has recently proven that monotremes are not primitive mammals at all.

How does culture of advance people differ from primitive people?

Advanced cultures typically refer to Western society, which originated from European philosophy and science. Primitive is an ethnocentric term originating from western culture. It usually refers to tribal based cultures. Modern societies heavily rely on science and a form of centralized government. Primitive societies place more emphasis on the tribal rituals, family, tradition, and spirituality.

Which social science is described here A field study of a primitive tribe of Indians living near the Amazon River?

A+ anthropology

What were the 3 main contribution of the primitive man to science?

1.Invention of fire. 2.Weapons and tools. 3.Metallurgy.

How do you spell primitive?

Primitive is spelled the way you spelled it: primitive.

Do Hunter kill primitive boy and primitive men?


What is Historical background of biology as a science?

a. Primitive Time b. Classical Period c. Renaissance Period d. Modern Time

How do you use primitive in a sentence?

Your understanding of the English language is primitive.The behaviour of that monkey is primitive compared to my friend Bob.He used a primitive method to draw water from the well.Her way of thinking is really primitive.The ancient peoples tools were very primitive.the shirt was very primitive.

What is primitive farming?

primitive farming

Five difference between primitive and non primitive data structure?

The main difference between primitive and non-primitive data structure is their value. Non-primitive types will always have a reference value, and primitive types have an absolute value.

What is primitive?

A primitive is a command given to the computer.

Primitive in a sentence?

Living in a cave is primitive.

Is primitive an adjective?

Yes, primitive is an adjective.

What is a primitive animal?

This is a relative question. A primitive mammal would be a platypus, a primitive fish would be a lamprey. A primitive man would be Homo Habilus.

Why did primitive people use myths?

The early people did not have as sophisticated of science studies as we do now, so they used myths as a way to explain the world around them.

What is a primitive god?

any belief in a god is primitive.

A sentence with the word primitive?

the shirt was primitive for it was plain

What is the superlative form of the word primitive?

most primitive