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The amount of work done, related to the time, effort, money, and energy that was needed to produce it.


  • Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system, etc., in converting inputs into useful outputs.
  • Productivity is computed by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources (capital, energy, material, personnel) consumed in that period. Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency.
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Q: What is productivity?
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What can reduce productivity?

Indiscipline reduces productivity.

Define Productivity List some factors that can affect productivity and some ways in which productivity can be improved?

productivity is provide a measure to effective and efficient use resources

What does productivity mean?

Productivity is the act of making something or being busy.

Why you need office productivity tools?

Because with less productivity less revenue, more productivity company generate more revenue. That's the reason we have need productivity tools.

What is system productivity?

system productivity is a very important function for improving productivity in any unit. we can say with the help same input using we can maximize our output or productivity

How do you caculate productivity?

productivity=output quantity/input quantity

What is productivity in temperate oceans determined by?

Productivity in temperate oceans is determined by the tides. The bigger the wave, the less productivity will be present. Low tide means high productivity in tide pools along the shore.

What is the difference between total productivity and partial productivity?

Total productivity is the goal of any business or organization. This concept is possible only in theory. The highest possible partial productivity is actually the accepted practice.

Central issues of productivity bargaining?

Central issues of productivity bargaining

Does performance goal measure productivity?

yes! it measures productivity in the workplace

How do you use productivity in a sentence?

My productivity fell after the new boss started

Why productivity matters?

Productivity with timliness contribute to sustain a given industry

What is average productivity?

Productivity refers to the efficiency and output amount churned out by an individual or organisation. Average productivity refers to the median range of this output.

What is productivity deal?

A productivity deal is an agreement between an employer and employee. In this agreement, the employer commits to increase the pay rate with increase in productivity.

What is productivity types of productivity?

Productivity is how much stuff you are able to get done without distractions. This can be in terms of how much work or homework or cleaning you can accomplish.

How are economic growth and productivity related?

Economic growth and productivity are directly related. The more productivity that there is in a nation, the more exponential that the economic growth will be.

What is the difference between net primary productivity and primary productivity?

primary productivity is defined as the amount of . organic matter produced per unit area over a time period by plant during photosynthesis. and gross primary productivity minus respiration losses is the net primary productivity .

What is total productivity?

Total Productivity is actually referred to as Total Factor Productivity. It is the portion of output not explained by the amount of inputs used in the production process.

How do you use the word productivity in a sentence?

Productivity can be increased with knowledge, focus, and determination. Without an increase in productivity, profits will continue to suffer.

How does productivity of a forest depends on its biodiversity?

Yes, productivity of a forest depends on its biodiversity.

How productivity is calculated?

Productivity is defined as the output done, in a given unit of time.

Area Production and productivity of sapota in India?

area, production and productivity in sapota?

What is meant by employee productivity-define?

employee productivity = what does a worker accomplish in a day?

What is the concept of communication and its importance to productivity?

How importance is the concept of communication to cooperate productivity

How do you increase productivity?

You can use the modern technology and fertilizers to increase productivity in plants.

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