What is professional therapy?


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Professional therapy is any form of therapy that is given by a licensed professional that has training in that field.


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To be a professional in respiratory therapy means that you have completed all the educational requirements and passed both the national licensing exams. The first exam is the CRT and the second more difficult is the RRT.

A professional directly providing health care services, this may include massage therapy, physical therapy, a specialist etc.

There are many professional training programs in which anatomy is taught and used. Some examples are nursing, physical therapy, ergonomics, and speech therapy.

Get therapy. You have issues you need to deal with that only a professional can help you with.

became available in the late 1940s, and in 1950, the first professional association of music therapists was formed in the United States. The National Association of Music Therapy merged with the American Association of Music Therapy in 1998

For some types of back problems works perfect, you have to go to a professional doctor.

Several, including personal trainer, professional sports employee, or physical therapy assistant.

Emotional involvement of a patient with a therapist. It is considered by some to be helpful to therapy when it is properly managed by the professional.

Scotomaphobia- Fear of blindness in visual field.All phobias are treated by therapy with a liscensed professional. Phobias are fears and desensatation therapy may help. good luck Joymaker RN

According to the American Music Therapy Association, "Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program." Music Therapy is also known as Sound Therapy. It is an integration of sound as effective catalyst for any therapeutic activities. When combined with other popular therapies, sound therapy is know to relieve stress and enhance relaxing effects for most clients of spa resorts and massage centres.

When a professional determines that to be the proper treatment modality based on the individual's history and desired outcome.

Gerontophobia is a fear of growing old or the fear of the elderly around you. The only treatment is to attend therapy sessions that are ran by a professional.

One source lists over 170 different types of therapy. Some of them are art therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and depth therapy. Some additional kinds are radiant heart therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, and thought field therapy.

Harpoxophobia is the fear of being robbed or the fear of the robbers. The only treatment for this condition is to attend therapy sessions that are put on by a professional psychologist.

You will need to go see a therapist who specializes in that. You will need to get a professional in order to help you recover from your ACL tear.

Therapy is a session where a health professional aims to provide remedial or compensatory strategies and treatment to improve a participants function or well being. It may first involve assessment of needs, then planning of goals, treatment and finally, review of progress / success of treatment.

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I can foresee a situation whereby a medical professional MIGHT recommend such a therapy. HOWEVER - this is not the venue to be asking questions such as this. CONSULT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

restorative therapy is a therapy in which a patient trains on abilities they already have to perfect them, which in physical therapy and ocupational therapy, a patient gains abilities.

Drug therapy is the preferred method of therapy, along with talk therapy (especially cognitive-behavioral therapy).

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