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It means to duck your head and cover it. "Duck and cover" was not Propaganda; it was the method popularized by the United States in order to keep people safe in case of an atomic bombing.

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What is the body covering of a duck?

Feathers cover the body of a duck.

What is the name of the cartoon turtle with a helmet on?

Bert from the "Duck and Cover" cartoon made for the government ."There was a turtle by the name of Bertand Bert the turtle was very alert;when danger threatened him he never got hurthe knew just what to do. . .He'd duck!And cover!Duck!And cover! He did what we all must learn to doYou And you! And you ! And you!'Duck, and cover!"

What are the release dates for Duck and Cover - 1952?

Duck and Cover - 1952 was released on: USA: 7 January 1952

What was the purpose of the movie Duck and Cover?

The Duck and Cover was an early film meant to teach Americans what to do in case of a nuclear attack.

What is the phrase duck and cover?

It comes from the Cold War when it was said to remind people if a nuclear attack takes place to get under something ( duck) and cover.

What actors and actresses appeared in Duck and Cover - 1952?

The cast of Duck and Cover - 1952 includes: Robert Middleton as Narrator Carl Ritchie as Bert

What is flattery propaganda?

Flattery propaganda is used to praise and audience for using a certain product. It is often used with testimonial propaganda which uses a celebrity to advertise it.For example: In a Cover Girl Commercial, Taylor Swift says "Rock the Cover Girls we are"Taylor Swift is flattering us that we can be Cover Girls as well if we use their products

What to do in case of an earthquake?

duck and cover it saves your life

What is a group of coots a type of duck called?

A coot ( a type of duck) when in a group is referred to as a: cover of coots.

Example of a Ambiguity?

I saw her duck. This could mean that I saw her cover her head and crouch, or that I saw her pet duck.

How did they take cover during WW1?

They had to duck in a trench or else...

What are the ratings and certificates for The Wire - 2002 Duck and Cover 2-8?

The Wire - 2002 Duck and Cover 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16

Does Donald Duck have a biography?

"The Life Of Donald Duck" (published by Random House, 1941) On the book's cover it says: "This is my only Authorized Biography. (signed) d. duck"

What is the theme of the book black duck?

dont judge a book by its cover!

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