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Proprietary trading Proprietary trading is a term used in investment banking to describe when a bank trades stocks, bonds, options, commodities, or other items with its own money as opposed to its customers' money, so as to make a profit for itself. Although investment banks are usually defined as businesses which assist other business in raising money in the capital markets (by selling stocks or bonds), in fact most of the largest investment banks make the majority of their profit from trading activities.
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What is a proprietary colony?

A colony ran by one or more private land owners that retain the rights that are normally the privilege of the state, and in all cases, eventually become so.

What is Proprietary Government?

Proprietary Governments are goverenments in which the colonist finds land and then the king grants permission for the colonist to own or use the land.

What is the meaning of proprietary?

1. belonging to a proprietor. 2. being a proprietor; holding property: the proprietary class. 3. pertaining to property or ownership: proprietary wealth. 4. belonging or controlled as property. 5. manufactured and sold only by the owner of the patent, formula, brand name, or trademark associated wit ( Full Answer )

What is proprietary theory?

The proprietary theory is a theory that is used in accounting. Itinvolves having no separation between the owners when it comes tomatters of accounting.

What is proprietary algorithm?

A proprietary algorithm is a sequence of steps or rules performed to achieve a specific goal, belonging to a commercial company as it has been trademarked or patented by its owner. An example is a search engine ranking algorithm for one of the commercial web search engines - some of the details may ( Full Answer )

Was South Carolina a proprietary colony?

South Carolina was a proprietary colony until the colonist got tired of the way the Lords Proprietors were "handling the business". They (the colonist ) petitioned the King to take control of South Carolina as a Royal colony. He did in 1719.

What is proprietary management?

In the real estate field proprietary management would be when aplace is under control of the owner of the property .Example "Ifyou own and run an apartment complex".

Can you incorporate Linux in a proprietary product?

Many embedded devices incorporate Linux, and those are proprietary products. But the Linux license (GPL) requires that the distributor also make the source code available, including any modifications they may have made to the operating system.

Why should you buy proprietary equipment?

Proprietary equipment is manufacturer controlled. While you wouldonly have one choice for upgrade or repair, it is much morereliable than a plethora of non-proprietary options.

What are proprietary file types?

Proprietary file types are files that do not have an open specification, and thus can only be created and edited by a certain program.

What is a proprietary faction?

Proprietary faction is defined as relating to a title holder or anowner. It is when something is privately owned and run asorganization that makes a profit.

What is a proprietary certificate. what for it is used?

A proprietary certificate, also known as a proprietary key, is acertificate that contains information about another certificate. Itallows the owner of this key to know the secret key to the othercertificate. It's mostly used in service providers to discouragesharing of secret keys to those services ( Full Answer )

What is proprietariness?

Proprietariness is 1) the desire to become a proprietor or 2) the aptness to be declared a proprietary good.

What is meant by proprietary country?

Delaware was originally a proprietary colony, but later on, in the early 1700s, it became a Royal Colony.. (just a comment, corporate colonies are called charter colonies)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of proprietary software?

Disadvantages of using proprietary software are: Users need to spend a long time downloading and installing security patches to fix bugs announced by the manufacturer. Any improvements would usually require fees, which is often expensive. Users are not allowed to describe and share the software as t ( Full Answer )

What is a proprietary brand?

Proprietary Brands is defined as a given brand name that isdeveloped and marketed as an exclusive brand to a retailer that canbe targeted to a specific consumer segment. For example, in Toys,it can be a given brand name for Outdoor Toys that is developed tobe exclusive to boys age 10-13 years old or ( Full Answer )

What is proprietary music?

It is music that somebody owns the rights to. Not a whole song, but a certain tone or gingle for a specific company or product could be seen as proprietary.

Why did proprietary government failed in the Bahamas?

Proprietary government failed because the proprietors failed to live up to their responsibilities,supplies were not sent,taxes were not collected, the port was in disrepair and tyhe governers were often incompetent and corrupt.

What is the non proprietary name for a drug?

The non-proprietary name for a drug is called the generic name. For instance, acetaminophen is the generic name for the drug commonly called by the trade (or proprietary) name Tylenol.

Is HTML proprietary?

In general it isn't, but some tags were invented by particular companies to work only on their browsers. Netscape and Microsoft invented a lot of tags that only work on their respective browsers. As a rule of designing web pages, you should test your code on all the main browsers and avoid using the ( Full Answer )

Why was the proprietary government not beneficial to the Bahamas?

the proprietary government was not beneficial to the Bahamas because they weren't providing what the island and the settlers needed.the proprietary government lasted from 1670- 1703 however they were not ready to take up all the responsibilities that was needed to be dealth with. add ya girl at sexy ( Full Answer )

What are non-proprietary hardware components?

Non-proprietary hardware components are quite simply components that are standardized or semi-standardized and are not exclusive to one company or subject to restrictive patent licensing.

What is meaning of A Proprietary Food?

For example: "Cheerios" is a 'proprietary food.' Other manufacturers may make a similar, or even an identical cereal product cereal, but there is only one "Cheerios."

What is proprietary yeast?

Proprietary yeast is yeast that has been manufactured specifically for a brewery, or has been originated by the brewery itself. A significant amount of flavor is produced directly from the yeast's fermentation activities, and having a strain of yeast unique to a brewery gives it the advantage of di ( Full Answer )

Are all versions of Unix proprietary?

Not in their entirety. Some certified Unix systems like Solaris or Mac OS X use open-source software in their core product, or have released portions of their code under an open-source license.

Is proprietary estoppel dead?

Proprietary Estoppel is not dead. It has its usefulness and is still relevant today. Please see Taylor Fashions Ltd v Liverpool Victoria Trustees Co Ltd [1984] QB 133. This case arises due to the restrictive nature of the requirements laid down in Willmott v Barber (1880). The word "unconscionabilit ( Full Answer )

Use the word proprietary in a sentence?

The areas around the building are the proprietary responsibility of the landlord. Source code for operating systems is proprietary intellectual property, and is kept secret from people who use computers.

What are governmental proprietary funds?

Proprietary funds are those used to account for the government's business-type activities where fees are charged for the services rendered, for example, utility services.

Is MP3 a proprietary format?

no. That's why there are different manufacturers (brands) that produce mp3 players. Another answer: Yes, it is. MP3 encoders and decoders are covered by a number of patents owned by different companies. The primary patents are owned by Fraunhofer Institute and Thompson Multimedia, who have comb ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of proprietary software?

Some examples of proprietary software: . Windows . Mac OS X . VMS . Android . Unix . Excel . Word . Adobe Reader . Photoshop . Internet Explorer . Safari . etc.

What is proprietary rule?

proprietary rule is when a royal leader, such as king or queens, have obtained new land, and select a certain person to rule it. in summary, it is land owned but not controlled by royalt

What is the meaning of a proprietary network protocol?

A proprietary network protocol is one that does not comply to any open standards. The intent of a proprietary protocol is to limit communication only to nodes that implement a specific application. NetBIOS is an example of a proprietary network protocol that is only applicable to Microsoft Windows h ( Full Answer )

What is proprietary data and software?

Proprietary data is an internally generated software that contains technical or other types of information controlled by a firm to safeguard its competitive edge.. Proprietary data may be protected under copyright, patent or trade secret laws.. Propriety software is computer software which is the ( Full Answer )

What are proprietary software?

Proprietary software is the software that is neither open nor freely available. Its use is regulated and further modification is either forbidden or requires special permission by the supplier or vendor. Source code of proprietary software is normally not available.

What is proprietary OS?

A proprietary OS is like Apple's MacOS for their computers and the iOS for their iPhones, and iPads or Microsofts Windows OS for examples. They have complete control over who can use it and how they use it. No one else is allowed to make any version of them, etc.

What is a proprietary database?

It is a database that is owned by a private company or organisation, and is not accessible to the public.

What were proprietary colonies government?

PROPRIETARY COLONIES were grants of land in the form of acharter, or a license to rule, for individuals or groups. They were used to settle areas rapidly with British subjects at theproprietors' expense during the costly settlement years.