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What is prototyping and why is it important?



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Prototyping is to give a rough model of software . A prototype will serve as a model to help users understand what are their requirements . It is important because it helps in analyzing requirements effectively .

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A prototype is basically a mock-up. In the database world you can use software to simulate a situation or even build a mock-up database. A Mock-up database will be a 'simple' version of the intended end product. It will not have all of the tables that the finished product would have, or all of the fields in the tables it does have. An example might be a billing engine that you are building. If you are going to embed busines logic into the database you might put together a functional mock-up of a certain core component of this system, say the tables that contain computed interest and Billing rule logic. From there you might write stored procedures that are to computer these values; and run it to verify the results. This is important because if you have some ideas or thoughts on how to handle a given situation you can produce a mock-up of a couple implementation strategies and test these for best result. If you simply build out your entire database and application without testing some of your concepts you will often find yourself with a completed project that is less than optimal in functionality, scale, and performance. Always consider your implementation options and test each (or your top two or three methods) to determine your best of breed approach. You may know in your head what will work best but you would be surprised at the results when tested; at times.

************************************or************************* Evolutionary prototyping is the process of developing the final software system by enhancing the prototype-that is, the prototype evolves into the final product.