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What is psychiatric morbidity?

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it simply means psychiatric illness, that mental illness
Morbidity means the occurring or existence of a disease; more commonly used to describe two illnesses being comorbid such as anxiety is often comorbid with depression. read more about cormorbidity at

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What has the author Howard Meltzer written?

Howard Meltzer has written: 'The Social and Economic Circumstances of Adults with Mental Disorders' 'Disabled children' 'Psychiatric Morbidity Report 2 (OPCS Surveys of Psychiatric Morbidity in Great Britain)' 'Day Care Services for Children'

Example of morbidity?

Morbidity is simply a a disease state or condition. Therefore diabetes would be a morbidity.

Causes in mortality and morbidity in Philippines?

mortality and morbidity of diabetes milletus mortality and morbidity of diabetes milletus

What is another word for morbidity?

Another word for morbidity is gloom.

Leading cause of morbidity in Malaysia?

There are many causes of morbidity in the country of Malaysia. The leading cause of Morbidity is childbirth, and complications of pregnancy.

How can you use morbidity in a sentence?

"The patient is at libery to reflect on his morbidity which I believe is poor".

What is the difference between mortality and morbidity?

I think of these words like this: Morbidity is like an unhealthy or diseased condition. Mortality is the fatal outcome of morbidity (death).

What are the leading morbidity in the phil?

The leading causes of morbidity in the Philippines are pneumonia, bronchitis, and influenza. Other causes of morbidity and mortality include diarrhea, tuberculosis, and malaria.

How do you use morbidity in a sentence?

the morbidity of radical breast surgery surpasses that of simple ones

What is the morbidity rate with dermabrasion?

The morbidity and mortality rate of this cosmetic procedure is extremely low

How can you use the word morbidity in a sentence?

The morbidity of the patients increased as the supply of medicine dwindled. Morbidity and melancholy were qualities that defined much of the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

How do you spell psychiatric?


Morbidity of pneumonia?

The morbidity of pneumonia is high in cold areas and low in the hot areas. Morbidity of pneumonia refers to the rate at which or an incidence at which a given disease affects a given community.

Use morbidity in a sentence?

"Panic disorder has a high co-morbidity with depression." In a health context, morbidity just means that a disease or condition tends to occur with another disease or condition.

What is the latest mortality and morbidity rate in the Philippines?

pls tell me about the latest morbidity and mortality rate in the philippines...

What is morbidity?

The term 'morbidity' has a few different senses or meanings:1: the relative incidence of a particular disease;2: an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind;3: the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for youMedically, morbidity relates to the incidence or prevalence of disease in a locality (e.g. morbidity rate).When one uses the word morbidity, one typically is talking about the incidence of a disease. Morbidity is the medical term for a disease and is used mainly by doctors and investigators.

What are the causes of maternal morbidity and mortality?

Obstructive fistula is prevalent in developing countries and accounts for 8 percent of maternal morbidity. Infections especially malaria is the leading cause of maternal morbidity in tropical countries. Other causes of maternal mortality and morbidity are high blood pressure and hemorrhage.

Morbidity of valley fever in California?

The morbidity rate of Valley fever in California is approximately 1/4 of 1%.

Do all psychiatric administrations have the right to fully inform themselves about what all irrefutably constitutes psychiatric fraud and psychiatric malpractice?

Yes, psychiatric administrations have the right to be fully informed about what constitutes psychiatric fraud and malpractice.

Difference between morbidity and mortality?

Morbidity refers to patient illness data and mortality refers to patient death data.

What is the risk of serious morbidity or mortality after a pallidotomy?

Among the best surgeons, the risk of serious morbidity or mortality is 1-2%.

What is the morbidity rate for typhoid fever?

There is 100 % morbidity in typhoid fever. Patient has to be absent from job or school for about one month.

What are the symptoms of psychiatric illness?

Depends which psychiatric illness...

Latest leading causes of morbidity top 10 in the Philippines 2007?

what are the top 10 leading causes of morbidity rate in the Philippines

What is the difference in Pathology and Morbidity?

Pathology is the study or diagnosis of disease. Morbidity is a state of ill health, disease or disablement from a specific source.